Spoilers for 9.2 Ahead. Disatisfied

It wouldn’t let me post this anywhere else for some reason. The start new topic button just doesn’t do anything for me.

But anyway.

After finding out that Pelagos is not only the Arbiter which was already a bit confusing as he is almost irrelevant as a character and has a very small role to play… but also finding out that he is now getting the reforged helm of domination on top of it?

Seriously Blizzard? This is just poor taste. Completely disrespectful to WoW’s legacy, our enjoyment of prior stories and the characters that previously wore that crown.

Pelagos is a side character who most of the playerbase barely knows due to his lack of involvement. And you gave him the most iconic lore artifact in the entire game and turned him into a God.

Eh… this is the last straw for me. Does anyone know if it’s possible to permanently deactivate and delete my battle.net account? I’ve been holding out hope but I just can’t justify the dollar anymore.