Splitting Camps


“Everyone must be wrong. Let me just insult everyone in my thread because I can’t keep up with game mechanics.”


What is truly sad is that OP really thinks he is clever in this thread. Report and move on, friends.



It works on some groups, but since the hotfix on the 22nd of October it works on far fewer groups of mobs. Go level an alliance warrior and and try to kite mobs in Westfall. You have to make sure you have room to back away until the original mob is dead and then enough room to back away until the three other mobs finally stop beating on you.

Ya’ll getting trolled.

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Maybe you’re just backing up too far? Or maybe you need to try ranged pulls? DAHHHHHHH.

This is really a game-breaking “fix.” It’s no surprise that nobody has complained about it as these people from Pandaria are just used to running in with 2 or 3 “friends” and mashing all their buttons. I’m the only one I’ve ever seen splitting camps since Classic went live.

Blizzard. We need you to fix this. Quick, fast, and in a hurry.


Well this escalated quickly.

Ranged pulling is how warriors deal with this. I have two in classic and my first ever WoW character back in vanilla was warrior.

Yeah, I know.

Go ranged pull a gnoll in Westfall and report back.

Hint, all four of them aggro and they do not leash until the first one is dead and you have continued backing away.

I mean, if you don’t believe me, go read the Wowhead link I posted up above and the blue post it’s referring. I very rarely discuss mechanics of the game, but when I do, I bring receipts.

I always thought that there were some linked packs, usually humanoids, and then solo mobs that were just really close to other solo mobs. I’ll try it though just out of curiosity.

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There are both types. There are many, many more linked groups since the hotfix on October 22nd.

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You probably have something hitting them still.

For example, a shaman with lightning shield will have trouble dropping agro.

Do you have a shield spike or something?

Nope. Since the hotfix of October 22nd, linked mobs will pursue as long as you are doing damage to one of the linked mobs.


OP is derailing his own thread by trash talking everybody that responds to him. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Not all MOBs are link. Damage such as retribution aura and lightning shield will keep them following even when they are not linked.

Yeah, you could just read the Wowhead post I linked above or read my other posts so you don’t have to contradict things I haven’t said.

There was a hotfix a while back that changed the behavior you are talking about. I think its up in a sticky somewhere if you wanna dig through it.

No you aren’t, they changed it a while ago now.


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Oh, cool, you reply to my post that was a comment to the OP. Which has nothing to do with linked MOB. Telling me about linked MOBs. When it’s not pertinent to my comment.

Then tell me to read your posts and links. Yeah, no thanks.

Ah, I see.

I won’t be responding to you in the future.

Sweet, thanks, keeps things simple.