Spit your new BG ideas

I’d like to see a map sorta like Frontline from Battlefield 1, or 5 CP from Team Fortress 2.

And no, not like Ashran.

Two nodes per stage, capping either like domination flags or EotS nodes, I don’t care, both could work. If you take the enemy nodes, you move up. If you take the next set of nodes, you push the enemy base and win. But if they take your nodes, or take back their nodes, you move back.

Territorial tug of war.


im just excited to have it confirmed that more bgs are coming.

i’ve always loved WoW bgs just had always wanted more of them.

ooo this sounds like PUSH mode in overwatch. i love that mode!

its funny that i tend to like alot of stuff that the majority dislikes. i love push, i actually love SS too. its because of the reason you noted. difference in terrain. in both those types of modes the area you fight in isn’t stagnant and so there’s always different strats to possibly employ. Keeps thing fun imo. Wish more people would stop hating on such modes/bgs.

omg would love a huttball type of bg. huttball is indeed very fun!


Wait where did they confirm this?

When I was farming the BG achievements I always hated every BG from like, 20 wins to about 75, and then after 80 or so I finally figured out what internal rules were, and I started to enjoy them a ton. A lot of the PvP achievements, in going for them, shine a spotlight on how Blizzard sees the BGs.

It feels like someone at Blizzard really enjoyed the Overly Defensive AB achievement, or the Alterac Valley All Star, and decided to make a BG that was just those two achievements.

That said, I still hate the new Deepwind Gorge with a passion.

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I wish the nodes weren’t spread so far apart.

I know that rewards early calls and movement.

But, it feels like I spend a lot of time just moving from one node to another node. Less time for actual PvP.


Would love to see Sieges for the two below, since those zones see zero attention tbh.

Silvermoon for Horde Defense / Alliance Offense.

Exodar for Alliance, just swap the above.


we gonna be like that titanic lady…

telling every1 about how its been 50 years since we got our last battleground

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2fort map from team fortress 2 but in wow :rofl:

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A blue made a comment about bgs and stated some were coming or something along those lines. Let me try to find the link.

Found it! [https://www.wowhead.com/news/blizzard-on-lack-of-new-pvp-battleground-content-332057#comments]

The statement was that they are working on it [bg content].



One of my favorite parts of this game is grinding out all of the BG achievements, new battlegrounds will be a huge huge huge win, even if they’re not perfect.

I only wish now that I could transfer my main to a more populated realm and keep my name, as I’ve been playing the same character since vanilla. D:


At this point, I hope they take their time and make a really fun bg.


I don’t want them to innovate, I just want more maps of the popular BG.

Domination(AB) and CTF.

4 more Epic BG’s as well. Epic BG more like AV than Ashran.

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I hope they do.

I think we’ve given up on Blizzard’s design team if we’re like, “Let’s be realistic here. Can you just make reskins of WSG and AB? After all these years, it’s clear you won’t be able to make anything better. We’ll go to another MMO if we want to find PvP that’s innovative and fun.”

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Just copy-paste Southshore vs Tarren Mill into the rotation and call it a day imo

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I’d love for each BG to get seasonal maps. No real changes, just, autumn leaves in Arathi Basin, snowy fields Warsong Gulch, and valleys of springtime flowers in Alterac Valley. More weather effects. Nighttime. Long shadows at dawn.

Eye of the Storm needs to not be a barren wasteland of space rock. At least give us psychedelic skyboxes.


A solo queue option for bgs that only puts you into bgs that other people solo queued for

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World zone control like New world

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As do I.

I wouldn’t want them to not come out with new interesting bg just cause some people wouldn’t like it. You can’t please everyone.

I also think people pushing stagnation on a notion of a game esp a mmo is very weird. If devs listened to only negative comments they wouldn’t have a game or would just have a very streamline game for only a select few. Why would they do that…

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What’s not simple about parachute down from airship and mine ore?

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Team deathmatch where the ground dissolves at the location of a player death, leaving a hole to the abyss. As the match goes on, the outer edges of the map also crumble away, leaving players with less and less room to battle.

First team to reach the determined kill count wins.


Oh cool, deathmatch spleef.

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