Spirit of Redemption or Guardian Spirit?

I really enjoy doing battlegrounds, i am wondering which will auto cast and save my life first?

It seems totally useless for me to activate guardian spirit on myself if it will be negated by my spirit of redemption.

For example, if i were to die and i had guardian spirit cast on myself will it be negated and spirit of redemption be cast instead? Or will guardian spirit be activated first and then finally spirit of redemption last?

Can someone help me with this info???

As long as it was cast on you with enough time to land, Guardian Spirit should proc before Spirit of Redemption. There have been some shenanigans in the past with it, but if it saved your life, and you are using the Guardian Angel talent, you should see that the cooldown on it is 3 minutes, rather than the 1 minute from GA (once the healing effect of Guardian Spirit ends).

Guardian Spirit can be bypassed, however, if you suffer a hit that is more than double your maximum health, though presumably that shouldn’t happen in Battlegrounds.

Because the healing effect remains after the cheat-death effect, that could make it appear as though Spirit of Redemption proc’d during Guardian Spirit. Check the cooldown (assuming Guardian Angel is talented).

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You are right, Guardian Spirit does activate first. Thanks for the information, now i can get rid of the Spirit of the Redeemer talent in pvp and replace it with Divine Ascencion :smile: