Spirestone Classic call

Hey everyone! I’m an old time ally mage back from Vanilla days on Spirestone. I haven’t played seriously in years but the announcement of Classic lured me back. Blizzard appears to be releasing 5 pvp servers. I was wonder if any old school players were planning on playing Classic and if so, where? It would be awesome to reunite with some old faces.

This is Bigbone Night elf hunter alliance on Spirestone, I have rolled alliance on Thalnos characters atm are Bigbone NE Hunter and Renew Dwarf Priest, add me and hit me up after release!!!

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anyone interested in an evening alliance raid guild on whitemane should come to our discord, we are doing dungeoneer games contest (rewards for first group to 60) as well as many other things.

raid times - tue/wed/thurs 9pm-12am pst