Spell ideas for future

Affliction changed to a healing spec. DoTs and leech based. Similar to how the concept of a disc priest is that you need to dps to heal.

Destruction completely gutted and changed to chaos. Purple and green fel spells. Give Fire mages immolation.

Demonology locks could have a 10-min CD where they turn into a larger version of the minion they have summoned to assist with DPS or crowd control. More demons to choose from when summoning.

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Destro is merged into Druid and I get to shapeshift into an Infernal.


Don’t bother posting ideas here. The devs don’t listen and don’t care.

There have been so many good ideas, and warning about PTR builds that are completely ignored, that I stopped bothering to post this stuff.

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I think it’d be kinda cool for affliction warlock to have a nature school of magic, and keep the flavor of the DoT class with magic based poisons/disease. Maybe a poison bolt small DD that has a DoT attached to it (EverQuest necromancers remember), or a quick 2 second paralyze/root from poison based like a shock to the nerves. Even adding a small DoT to curses and putting them on disease based nature magic school.

Maybe you could have a massive cooldown shadow/poison DoT (like soul rot kind of damage/cooldown ratio).

I think this helps affliction ramp up time from having a second school to cast, and it also gives a massive DoT on both schools to kick (like when you kick chaos bolt) for outplay potential.