Spell batching

Why not process messages this way in classic? Why re-work the updated system of prioritization to feel classic rather than using the same old one? Is this not technically feasible/appealing? UNLEASH!

Out of all the things we should be worried about and discussing, this is near the bottom just above things like xmog and such.


We dont discuss xmog because its out, if it were in, we would.

Why is it near the bottom? Do you not remember that feel of everything processing together like one beast taking a breath? I do.

That was the point I was making. This is so so so minor we shouldn’t be worried about it. Much like we shouldn’t worry about things that aren’t happening.

Its kinda the same thing…

Lets for example say they are using 6 circuits, (LOOPS) they have a different nomenclature than I do, but whatever; same thing…

Instead of 6 circuits you only use a single one that’s at the same frequency as the original, just like it was before. (Frequency = times per second that it updates)

As it is right now, they’re using many with different levels of priority to update the client of what the server says is happening in the world, and those same circuits also update the server as to what the client says you’re inputs are.

Does that make sense?

This technique is ancient as heck, it’s the same one used in every multi player game that’s got a hosting server since the mid 90’s…

This is why when you have a laggy player on the system it can show up as that player is “blinking” or “rubberbanding” around the map.

Unfortunately no one has yet to build a better method to keep connectivity…

Now I know you’re just dying to know why laggy players can make your latency go up right??

Well it’s very likely that the server setup is similar to what MS uses because its an industry standard of sorts… As a result they’re trying like the dickens to keep a connection alive to some remote 3rd world dumpster of a connection and that causes the server to burn clock cycles and use more ram that it would typically to just keep that cruddy connection alive.

As a result you get artificial lag, and that can show up on your client like real latency in actual measurable numbers… It’s wonky, but that’s how it goes when you host games to people on another continent on the same server VM.


Spell Batching is crucial for Classic PVP to feel right.

It adds a very high skill cap to the game in PVP, but also makes it work the way it is supposed to.

Without it you won’t see top players doing things like Vanishing a Death Coil, reflecting traps etc.

Personally I’m thrilled to hear this and makes me even happier to know we are going to get to play some Classic PVP.

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it adds skill cap to the game by lowering the skill cap? odd that.

A player has to know what the class they are fighting is likely to do in a given situation for it to work and use it on purpose.

Vanishing a Deathcoil (my example above) isn’t a random button mash. It could happen accidentally, but that is not what we are talking about.

It is a calculated move by a player who has fought enough Wartlocks to know what they are likely to do. Its also a gamble, the Wartlock could anticipate that and ‘juke’ to get the Rogue to blow a Vanish for no reason and then melt face.

Yep, higher thats a higher skillcap.


except all of that is STILL possible in modern wow its just MUCH harder…
so it was made easier in classic and yet it raised the skill cap.

Daeum, way to lay it down. Thank you, that is exactly what I was wondering.