Spell Batching, why has it not been removed yet?

Do you have proof that it wasn’t like this?

Also, where did you get your 100-200 ms number from? And how do you know that it was 100-200 ms back in 2005?

It seems to me you have little to no evidence to support your claim of

When I 100% remember seeing a heal land on me then I die but I have no ss to prove it. So who is right?


Except that this is exactly how it was back then.


Here’s my favorite moment with spell batching.
I was fighting a mob and near death. So was the mob. I blinded the mob but had no potions or bandages so no way to heal so I used the blind time to regain energy. When I got enough energy I backstab crit the mob for all his health (while he was still blinded). As he is falling over dead he swings hit fist and kills me too. He killed me while he was dead.


If you really think this is how it worked in vanilla your memory is broken beyond repair.


Your bits seem frosted.


But that’s the entire reason why spell batching was added to classic.


Actually it’s not their memory, it’s yours. Blues have posted on it and discussed it.

Their were odd issues back in vanilla from “spell batching” but that’s just how the game was back then. They do need to fix bugs related to it in Classic though, i do not remember trapped mobs getting a free auto attack off from 30 yards away when the trap broke. Same with stuns, gouges etc. The mobs themselves should be programmed to wipe their attack table when CCd and same with players, there are some bugs from back porting from Legion and that seems to be what the complaints are really about.


The exact example that the blue post states is mages sheeping eachother and warriors charging eachother. I have no problem with that, that is how it should work. Whatever they back coded is NOT working here. Spells are now on “low priority”? That is just applying a 1 or 0 to pre existing retail code and hoping it will all work out when it is not.

If I counter a cast it should be countered, period. Not have the caster get a free .4 sec of his channel that is uninterruptible.


Exactly. Whatever they did to try and simulate how it worked in vanilla didn’t work. There are things being batched that are then executing that should have been discarded.

It’s got to be the cause of so many of the spell and ability related reports in the bug forums.


this is Spell Batching + Reckoning from VANILLA in 2006:

this is Spell Batching + Reckoning from CLASSIC in 2019:



Okay, so it works the same for your one spell. We’re discussing the other countless ways the current version of spell-batching DOESN’T work the same.

What in the hell is your comprehension problem?


because it has the greatest impact on dual wield Fury Warrior tanks (aka both factions Horde and Alliance) and their ability to maintain permanent Enrage/Blood Craze uptime which means +25% dps AND +25% threat and a self-heal

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If they fixed it to work properly, nothing would change, then would it?

We don’t want batching removed entirely, we just want it to work like it did back then.


Time to shut up about all these little things people think should be different. We are all playing the same game. No one suffers more or less than anyone else from the game’s idiosyncrasies. It’s fine. It’s fun. Classic is way better than retail has been for 10 years. Leave it alone. Don’t mess it up.


To be honest, I hate batching. It makes the game feel sloppy. I don’t like dying despite having activated a spell like ice block, or having melee hits land on me from frost nova’d mobs way out of range of me.

We can replicate the game without trying to replicate the crappy internet of the past.


But it’s already messed-up, lol.

In fact it was intentional. The idea of Classic is to recreate vanilla WoW as close to what it was as possible, for better or worse as emphasized by Ian Hazzikostas.


Just as importantly, Hazzikostas says, is that Classic “is what it is” and that players have to take “the bad with the good”—even if that means missing a boat because a priest mind controlled you. "There is no lobbying the developer to change that because the game is what it was in 2005," he adds. “It has to be accepted, which then frees everybody to find all the positive aspects, all the upsides of that friction and those inconveniences because there’s a certain acceptance of the downsides.”

Classic is meat to be what it is. It is meant to be vanilla for better or worse. Like it or not that’s how it’ll be.



Unreal. Please read before you reply. We want spell batching to work how it did in 2005. NOT how it is currently behaving.

Get this through your heads. I want the game how it was back then. How spell batching behaves now is WRONG, it is not because I Am not used to or don’t want it. It is flat out not working even close to how it did.


You must be the first person in the history of the planet Earth that remembers perfectly how a game’s netcode worked from ~13 years ago.

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