Spell batching in classic

It’s the backport.

I shifted into bear form in EPL and was trapped by a hunter.

The hunter ran away, mounted up, and ran off, and when the trap faded I meleed him from 50 yards away for 500

Whatever is causing that needs to be fixed. That would’ve never happened in vanilla


If we can’t get rid of batching can we at least get it looked at? It’s not the way it was in vanilla! I didn’t used to have to wait an eternity for my executes to go off in vanilla! When rogues would gouge me then melee me it would break gouge! Please Blizz!

Scattershot is straight up unusable in so many situations because of batching. There is something wrong.

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Agreed, and as easy as it is to say “LOL BATCHING” that’s not the whole story because every online game uses batching.

I can confirm this happening. I saw my druid friend (can’t remember if he was shifted or not, so it may not matter the class) meleeing a hunter from that range after getting trapped.

Spell batching is the reason why vanish FAILS nearly every time.

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Could be the faulty system they’re calling “Vanilla batching” or could be the fact that the “Vanish” buff does not effectively apply until an entire global later for the enemy target. (as far as the enemy target is concerned); in your situation Me.

Meanwhile “stealth” breaks instantly on damage and is down to the 10ms range of responsiveness…

How utterly interesting.

I already re rolled warrior. My class is so buggy it isn’t worth to continue playing.

LOL cant blame you, warriors tend to crit more often any way… Not exactly sure why that is either.

Blizzard should be ashamed of such a low quality port, the amount of new bugs in this game is just inexcusable for such a large company.

Just got hit from no joke maybe 75 yards away by a melee attack off a target that trap just broke on… WTH is even up with that… Bactching?? maybe, but there has got to be more than that going on.

It’s the backport.

Under the Legion engine, the spell queue is not ejecting interrupts. And the leeway issue produces almost comical results.

As bug-ridden as Vanilla, even in patch 1.12, was – it never ever produced consistently game-breaking results like those described above.

Your abilities CAN be resisted. BUT when resisted you get a message stating that your countermove was resisted, or it is obvious (i.e., sheep failed).

However, a successful interrupt should bounce the interrupted incoming attack from the queue. This is not occurring. Consequently;

  • You FD animation plays fine BUT combat not dropped
  • Same for Disengage (which has only a chance to succeed)
  • You Vanish - animation plays fine BUT incoming mob attack you interrupted by vanishing, executes anyway.
  • You sheep a mob as it is casting a lightning bolt. Poly is successful BUT sheep shoots lightning bolt at you anyway
  • You bubble, to avoid an incoming attack BUT despite bubble, attack seemingly penetrates like magic as if it weren’t there
  • You literally avoid an inc melee attack by making range BUT apparently equipped with “Go Go Gadget Arms” the mob stabs/hacks/slices/punches/bludgeons you anyway.
  • Your OP button lights up like a Christmas tree. (Silly rogue hit Evasion while fighting you) You POUND on OP button and yet. . . after the dodge/evasion effect ends, your OP would have executed but . . . cannot be used at this time.
  • You poly to cat form to immunize yourself from incoming attacks that can only affect your Druid form BUT you get mana drained anyway.
  • You are melee fighting another melee opponent. Your attacks against the mob/player are carefully regulated by GCD but… the mob has unlimited and stacking attacks against you.

Needed: reference client server running authentic 1.12


Add to the list of things spell batching breaks: Blizzarding at choke points in AV. Tried several times on my mage already to blizzard alliance as they ride past the towers in our keep. Every alliance in the game ran directly through the blizzard without getting slowed.


Yeah that’s not authentic at all, this game engine is so broken and I am not amused.


You have your answer to spell batching right here in this line - be sure to click the post for full context - but this line says it all.

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I’m a veteran player (not boasting just stating), I played through vanilla, took a short break between vanilla and TBC and again between TBC and WOTLK and quit early cata. I’ve also played on one server (to refresh) before classic. As the original poster stated, “the muscle memory” is strong for my characters and I could easily notice things feeling wrong. Timing on spells is all off and trying to do something ‘last second’ such as dropping a grounding totem just before someone finishes a cast (which worked in vanilla and on pserver just fine), it never works. The same with trying to interrupt a spell last second. I’ve auto-attacked rogues who just gouged or cheap shot me or even while sapped. I’ve auto-attacked mages who were in ice block…the list goes on and on. This effects all classes and while it may not be as noticeable in pve, its very obvious in pvp when anyone with “muscle memory” has to re-learn rotations to compensate for ‘laggy-feeling mechanics’ and spell batched timing.

The issues surrounding spell batching are the biggest detriment to the game right now.

SPELL BATCHING (in it’s current state) IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE in the game right now.


While what he says is true the problem is that the system they have in place right now is not working as it did in Vanilla… Some things are indeed working as they’re “special case” like 2 mages sheeping each other…

But there are numerous other cases where the batching is not working out because order of operations is just not observed in the build in the same way that it was in Vanilla.


Please fix this!

Well those things were possible in vanilla but due to the internet/server infastructure and better home hardware you see it alot more today.

Do they change the behaviour to be more like retail or do they keep it as it was. For the betterment of the game i think they should take a more retail approach but under the banner of #nochanges actually already being #somechanges.

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lmfao @ #nochanges. bro, there are so many changes its a completely different game now

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Oh i know - where do we draw the line. Fix the game entierly with every single bug? leave some bugs in game for historic value?

Build a better Classic?