Spell Batching in Classic

Oof, you’re going to get hit with a hard dose of reality when Vanilla has been out for a few months.

Who would think people do stuff that’s free but won’t pay for it.

Loving these updates. Thank you!

Your argument makes no sense. There are a few BfA server out there but they’re population is garbage. If it was about free, why wouldn’t more people be there instead of playing the real game? And if there are free BfA servers, why are there more people playing on vanilla servers? Because people want vanilla…

You’re being naive.

Again, you don’t get what you want to do in Vanilla Raiding or even Instances for that matter.

You telling me I can “tank” as a Paladin in Vanilla? Or even DPS as Ret?

No, you don’t get to do whatever you want unless you wanna be doing bottle of the barrel content and quests.

So? Not every spec can do every role but every spec has a role.


EXCELLENT! And thank you for the update.


Yeah it’s real cool to have one role right?

Imagine rolling a Druid with 4 specs and finding out when you get to end game you’re forced to heal even if you planned from level 1 to be a DPS or tank.

10/10 game design. There is a reason after Vanilla everything moved forward with class design. Aka it was bad in Vanilla and they knew it.



Count me as another person who wasn’t particularly concerned about this issue, but is extremely happy to see that it was addressed for those who cared. This is the kind of community interaction that we used to have. It almost feels like we matter again. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Oh. My. God. We did it boys


Give this man a f***ing payrise! #nochanges

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What is this? A dev team that listens to the community and agree’s on what is important for the game? I havn’t felt this in years.


Do you know how many people you’ve made ecstatic with this announcement. That was some of the best fun back in the day.


Very good Blizzard, very good.


I had people tank for me as druids and paladins in dungeons in Vanilla. I had a balance druid and a feral druid in my raid in Vanilla as well. You’re the one being naïve saying that you can only play 1 spec or do 1 thing in Vanilla.

Yes there is a spec each class performs best as. That said, every spec is good for something. Whether it be pvp, raiding, or anything else. If you play something you don’t like because someone else told you that you had to be this or you couldn’t do X, well that’s your fault for listening to them and not doing what you enjoy.




Rejoice! Thank you!

Please dont pollute the classic forums anymore.


Well done classic team. Am hyped knowing i will be abke to take advantage of this in game.

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this just keeps getting better and better