Spell Batching Exploit - ZG Class Enchants on tradeable items

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i see just fine. In your other videos, I see the boss stop, start casting and everyone who was in the 180 front of the boss when he started casting (even after moving to the side) got hit. Im sorry you do not understand mechanics.

What you linked there i have no idea what it is


Nightmare Asylum’s video from 2005.


Two Fireballs.

yeah two fireballs:

and grats on using a private server video to support your argument. You actually made my argument for me.

I made a mistake, didn’t check the BWL release date. Now explain why this video from 2005 shows the melee getting hit by Fireballs at the timestamp I linked, the Shaman about 20 yards behind the boss not getting hit and the Druid that’s closer than the Mage that gets hit, not getting hit.

Explain this.

do you even realize what you are arguing right now? Its not 180 vs 360, it BUT THIS ONE TIME HE THREW OUT TWO VISIBLE FIREBALLS SO MY ARGUMENT IS CORRECT.

come on. even if its only 2 that ONE TIME it was still rear facing fireball volley which DOES NOT HAPPEN IN CLASSIC.

Going to find irrefutable timestamps to prove you wrong, brb 89 Death Knight.

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Let me explain this for you, i post on this character because Blizzard screwed up the death knight release horribly so i made a death knight called Botched when that happened. And Blizz also screwed up classic, so i post on Botched.

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Terrible decision, if you don’t want to remove the 2 hour trade window the right solution would be just to allow people to enchant BOE items without making them soul bound and fixing the trade window spell batching


i like you more and more with each post you write


Looks pretty consistent here. Looks just like it does on Classic to be honest:

Slow this one down to 0.5 speed:

Gotta pay attention to the casting animation for Fireball volley here:

I’m positive you were right about it being a 180° cone on Classic. Now when looking at later videos of Razorgore kills, the only time I see a raid wide Fireball is when it lines up with conflag. It looks like it was changed to be a cone in later Vanilla.

Here’s one from January 2006 (claimed) that shows a single Fireball still going behind the boss:

I don’t know, the ability obviously isn’t consistent. However, in every case I’ve found where the boss is facing the raid, they all get hit by a Fireball Volley. All these clips I’ve found when the Fireball hits one to three people the boss is facing away.

How about we just give everyone everything when they create a new character.

Warlock’s can live with the enchant they have or not use one at all. It’s all nice to have the best of the best but that takes away from the game. Like using a cheat code. After having everything upfront just makes the game boring.

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someone in their raid even said “wheres the fireball barrage thing” because razorgore wasnt casting it, then he did at 6:08 and hit the entire stacked raid. The PoV swaps in this video dont allow you to see anything but the one volley really. I do see at your second timestamp that someone chain cleaved the raid, but i dont see a volley.

at 2:10 volley is cast behind razorgore but only hit a few targets. later on he hits the entire raid and part of the raid is definitely behind him

I dont see what you are referencing. There is no indication that razorgore is casting volley, at your timestamp he just stops moving for a sec. Prior to that he did hit the entire raid, but the tank was facing the him toward the raid.

All i can say is in vanilla I raided BWL even into naxx and it was 360 volley. Did they change it very late in vanilla? its possible, and if they did and classic implemented that version, we truly are playing a nerfed P O S of a game.

6:19 mark its a full volley while facing away from the raid, and it happened after tank swap.
6:51 mark hit half the raid from behind right before conflag
7:16 mark, everyone gets hit, but facing the raid, tank was already conflaged so it was a solid few seconds after the tank swap
7:49 full raid hit, facing away (well, at the time of casting, but really he was spinning)
8:19 (your link spot) a single fireball goes to the raid, wtf. And happened again at 8:40
9:00 entire raid hit

im not sure why everyone doesnt get hit, im throwing this out there and its probably not correct, but the volley may be a random number of fireballs and you have to be in LoS to be hit. that would explain why sometimes we see a couple fireballs and sometimes we see the entire raid get hit. Really, i dont know the entire mechanic, but in vanilla he cast volley at people in LoS 360 degress. In classic it is 100% only a 180 degree in front of razorgore.

previously in that last fight you linked, the entire raid did get hit by volley while facing away. the only consistent thing is that razorgore hits people with volley from 360 degrees range. the number of fireballs is not consistent, but the angle at which he hits people is (and by the way, that was our debate)

Thanks for looking into this. Sorry for being a cranky A-Hole last night.

Razorgore has a casting animation for Fireball Volley, you can see that he was casting it by the Fire and his little upwards hand movement he does when he finishes the cast. He was facing away and it must have only hit the tanks, which is why you didn’t see what I’m talking about.

Slow it to 0.5 and look at 2:19-2:20, that’s the casting animation for Fireball Volley:

The only person I can see get hit is the tank to the side. It looks like the tank is behind but when Razorgore conflags the current tank, he swaps to that guy and it looks like the guy was in the 180 degree cone. The cone seems to start from the middle of Razorgores model.

Conflag and swap happens at 2:23, tank then moves Razorgore, was definitely at his side.

Look at this too, right as he dies he gets another Fireball Volley off and it only hits the tank he’s facing. You can tell by the embers that fall from the impact if you compare it to the animation of players being hit at other points:

3:18, gets the cast off just as he dies. In group one, you can see a Warrior take damage consistent with a Fireball Volley just as it happens too.

ok i see what you are talking about now. but afterward at the 2:39 mark he does the same cast and hits the entire raid and it is before the conflag.

Ok, so he does the conflag IMMEDIATELY following the Fireball Volley, right? He immediately turns to face the other tank, by spinning around. Is it possible that the two actions were batched and the volley hit the raid because of that?

i doubt it, i believe the volley snapshots the players in LoS and casts on them. It will hit you out of LoS if you are in LoS when he starts casting then run out of LoS. This would happen before batching.

Also I noticed something else, he cancels his Fireball Volley right here and while looking through all the Classic videos I’ve seen the same thing multiple times, no idea what this is about but it seems to be why they were confused, cause his volley got canceled:

Volley is on a 20 second timer right? 20 seconds after that he casts here and it only hits the tank:

20 seconds after that, his side is facing the raid, he casts volley, it hits the raid:

20 more seconds, he casts and you can see it hit the tank. The tank standing behind Razorgore doesn’t get hit:

if you want to keep going that fine, but my point about vanilla being 360 and classic being 180 has been proven.

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