Spell Batching Exploit - ZG Class Enchants on tradeable items

It is possible for players to provide Soulbinding enchants such as the ZG class enchants or exalted shoulder enchant to other players on tradeable items by completing an enchant cast and a trade in the same 400 ms batch window.


This is actually extremely important for Blizzard to comment on. If it is “working as intended”, then they need to confirm it and allow players to do it.

If they believe that it should not behave this way, they need to say so.


This is a case where silence helps no one. Many players will be avoiding this for fear that it will be counted as an exploit, but for many of us it is a “feels bad” scenario where others are taking advantage of it and reaping the rewards while Blizzard remains silent.

Please do not make us guess whether this will be an actionable offense. Please, for once, say something.


Nothing in their awful batching emulation matches how vanilla acted. Add this to the list of 100’s of other bugs it’s caused that they’ll never fix.


They should never have had batching in the first place. Like who wanted them to try and mimic the fact that in 2004 most people were playing on dial-up???


posting for effect lol…

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To me it seems like a pretty clear cut exploit. The enchants are obviously class restricted and you have to knowingly manipulate the game into an unintended interaction. If it was intended you would simply be able to apply the enchants like every other one in the game.


Being able to put ZG and Naxx enchants onto BoE items is accurate to Vanilla - though the method then and now may not be the same, it was still done in a very similar fashion.

Do your research through old twinking guides if you’d like to see for yourself.

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It more heavily effects the twinking scene than the end game scene, period. The content has been min/max’d and trivialized to death - people piggyback off of private server research and don’t think for themselves, so does changing the “meta” by allowing cross class enchants onto BoPs really change anything at all?

Guess that’s for Blizzard to decide.

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it’s an exploit my dude - read this for full description of the unintended consequences of enchants + spell batching + trade window



Except being able to put it on BoE’s is accurate to Vanilla and was never patched or addressed.

So do you think they should remove raid items being tradeable, since that’s not accurate to Vanilla - or is that too big an inconvenience?

To clarify, the exact same method was used in Vanilla, but it wasn’t made possible by enforced spell batching like it is now.

BoE’s having the enchants will never be even remotely as impactful as BoPs having them.

My question is with everyone in the “no changes” realm of things being up in arms over this - are they aware of the actual solution to keeping things accurate to Vanilla being removing the ability to trade BoPs in a 2 hour window.

Paladins will now get a super fast grey weapon and have Rogues put instant poison on it for them to use in raids with Seal of Righteousness lol

I suppose it’s a matter of perspective, if that’s true.

Is it more beneficial to the player to allow new metas like this to develop, or should we just keep it all Vanilla all the time?

What equates to being more fun for the end user.

I hope Blizzard considers that when they make these decisions, anyway.

yep Instant Poisons proc off of Seal of Righteousness lol


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I guess I’d like to just see the batching exploit resolved. I have pretty much no coding knowledge so I don’t know if this is possible or what it would require. As you said the game’s difficulty has already taken a huge hit due to 15 years of game knowledge. Adding in a new exploit to reduce it even further could make it slightly less fun for me I suppose. That being said I really just want to know their stance on it. If it’s just part of the game now then I’ll live with it and start helping my warlock buddies get their mage enchants.

That’s awesome, wait now I wonder if instant poison can proc for feral druids, time to find out. Their attack speed is crazy fast so it should proc super often but thats if it works. OMG I can give my alt rogue level 60 poisons, this is so broken! Loving it, thanks you!

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Our hotfix for this issue is now live. The benefit of a Zul’Gurub class enchant is canceled if:

  • The player is not the correct class to use the enchant.
  • The player is not level 60.

The item itself will not be destroyed, and the enchant text will still appear on it. If they have one, players can replace the nonfunctional enchantment with another one.

We have have a hotfix coming soon that will prevent this sort of trade from being operable in the first place.


This unfortunately does not address the Weapon Enchantments that can be sent from player to player that they shouldn’t be able to utilize: Poisons and Shaman Enhancements.


No changes


now do Diamond Flask, Nightfall and all the Paladin bugs too and perhaps I shall return to playing this WoW FUN server known as Classic