Special Mount Macros?

Is it possible to access special mount functions?

For example, the ship mount will shoot the canon if you press jump, but in a flying zone, it can’t jump, it flies, so with a macro, can you force a jump so it shoots?

There are other interesting mount things, like using the Dragon Isles Dragon Flying mounts on a lower level character, they fly like a regular flying mount.
Is there a way to mount these as a regular mount in the Dragon Isles zones on our higher level toons?

Maybe none of this can be done, but thought I would post the question.


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Works great!
Now I wonder if the second is possible.
To mount one of the new Dragon mounts as a regular flying mount, how our lower level alts can.

I don’t think the second will be possible until TWW, which will allow us to toggle dynamic flight on and off.

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