Sparks of Life dirt+scout packs

Did they just remove them from WM if youre in the zone with sparks of life quest?

I would love to know so I stop wasting my time flying around the zone finding 0 in 30 minutes

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I wonder if they are just getting picked off really quickly due to the quest. I was flying around for over 30 minutes and didn’t find any. Then, I was parked somewhere on one character and 3 packs spawned nearby. I then tried to do the same on another character and the packs never respawned there. It is very frustrating not to find any, though, especially since I didn’t see a single dirt pile.

There is also a bug like the chests in Zereth Mortis where the scouting packs will disappear off the minimap once looted, but will still be there for some time. Impossible to find without the map icon though. I usually don’t have this much trouble finding dirt piles, even if the zone is way more populated.

I also noticed some elites gave sparks, but many didn’t. Some world quests did give sparks, but others didn’t. I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature that I haven’t caught on to the pattern yet, as I’ve typically not needed to farm so many at the end of the week before.

Edit: found a stray dirt pile this morning to finish my quest, so they do exist.

I’ve done multiple fly throughs of each zone back to back this week and lucky if I manage to snag 5 Expedition packs by the time I have gone through them all. As for Dirt Piles I literally haven’t seen one in nearly a week now and I only do world content (and play far more then most players).

That is very frustrating. I seem to be finding more if I’m on early in the morning and earlier in the week, but it is definitely inconsistent and some shards are worse than others. Just as an aside, did you make sure you have shovels in your bag still? The dirt piles won’t show without them. Forgive me if that is not the case and if you already knew that, but just wanted to make sure you had them! I have made that mistake before. The treasures are still not as aplenty as they may have been before, either way.

Yeah plenty of shovels in my bag. When I switched to War Mode for the first time in a couple weeks and they were just everywhere, but upon switching back I was hardly seeing any scout packs and zero dirt piles. Guess I will just stick to War Mode for farming them from now on.