<spaceshipjuicebox> H-Thrall LATE NIGHT 10:30pm EST - 12:30am Tues/Thurs LF DPS HEALERS AOTC focused 8/8 H

Rebuilding our Roster for 10.1! Get in on this and join a great established guild who always smashes content! 8/8 H and 3/8 M for Season 1.

Goals are to be focused on quick AotC clear, KSM in Mythic Plus and generally a couple bosses on Mythic.

We raid from 10:30 pm EST to 12:30 am EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

**Currently Recruiting **DPS - AnyHealers - Any

Discord is the platform we use for coms. Having a working headset with mic are required. We usually prefer to leave our channels on PTT, but we need raiders to have the ability to communicate and call out mechanics when asked.

Please message in Discord or BNet

justinn#0637 Discord

gLORY#11673 BNet