SP LF Rogue for 2v2

Looking for a solid rogue with 2k+ xp in BfA or Shadowlands, or high TBC xp if you played back then (2300 in TBC myself, Duelist on retail) to run 2s with every weekend for games.

PvP is secondary content for me this go around as a raider, but I do want to get points every week and chip away at a full PvP set because I’d like to make a solid rating push in S2 as high as we can.

The only real rating goal I have for S1 is 1850 for weps ASAP, maybe 2k for shoulders if we’re really killing it but those aren’t a must. Mostly just grinding out a full gladiator set before season end. We can decide if we want to go higher as the season progresses and we get our PvP gear squared away. Definitely looking to start a long term thing here though and build synergy for a sweaty season 2.

Comms: Discord.
Queue Sessions: Saturday / Sunday mostly. Potential for short sessions during the week.

PM at Devilbus#3980 if interested

Edit: Bnet is showing my name from old server and wont let me change chars but I’m also Devilbus in game. Small Indie Company.