SP (2200 on endless, Kara) LF classes for arena (2s, 3s)


Hey, I played SP to 2200 on both servers and I’m just now getting back into TBC. I plan to play with my friend who also played on karazhan with me and he is playing lock.

I would like to play with a very skilled mage and resto shaman in 3s, possibly subbing in my warlock friend based on comps being ran. Also would like to play with a mage in 2s.

a very skilled bm hunter is also a consideration for season 1 glad in 2v2.it’s an odd comp but it works and I know the strays vs every comp and tested vs some of the better pserver known names.

Also, have glad exp in retail on a rogue. Anyways, the name is thieve in game if you are interested in some future games.