Soul Shard Refund

Getting on the Flight Path doesn’t always refund a Soul Shard when a pet is out, I’ve experienced this the most when i had a Succubus

hey, I think this happens when you’ve logged off with that same pet summoned. not sure if this is a bug or not.

It happens with my succubus all the time. I haven’t tried testing it but I’ve noticed recently that it never seems to happen after I’ve resummoned my minion; the first flight of my play session seems to be where it happens.

Not sure if I noticed that, I also noticed that if you take the horde Zeppelin’s that sometimes the succubus can disappear and you have to resummon similar to the way it dismount you after the reload transition this can be a rare event but it’s happened to me twice now.

I have confirmed that the first time you take a flight after logging in, your demon disappears and you aren’t refunded the soul shard if the demon was already summoned when you logged in. After you’ve summoned a demon, the refund works correctly the rest of the play session.

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Think it happens when you take a mage portal

I had this happen to me yesterday, as the person above mentioned it can happen when you log out for awhile and then log back in. Taking a flight path will not refund a shard.

And the bug is still there after yesterday’s supposed bug fixes.

Yes it still is, sadly :frowning:

I’ve been experiencing this since the first week of classic. Submitted a bug report back then. It’s obviously not a big deal, but an annoying one none the less.

This is not a bug as noted by Blizzard’s own post.

Here’s the exact comment regarding it:

And that can be found in the post here (roughly point 30):

I can’t imagine the reason for this. How was that ever an intended mechanic?

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