SOS Misha and Rexxar

blows dust off

A few weeks ago on Horde side I counted 137 people online between Rexxar and Misha.

I don’t have any Alliance chars on this realm anymore, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that Alliance side is no better. If any Alliance are reading this and wanna count heads for me that’d be great
Type: /who insert class here I never had any class hit 50. Druids were the most at like 36 iirc.

A lot of my chars here have been here since the beginning and I am not paying Blizzard (transfers) to fix their problem.

It is of my opinion that Blizzard should either offer us free transfers or move us to a more popular realm and finally put Rexxar and Misha to rest; just close these realms down.

It’s a ghost town. It is not fun. The AH sucks.

People rarely post here too. :desert:

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After checking 10 classes on Alliance side, I have to concur - Rexxar/Misha is dead. 90 counted at the time, big chunk of them hunters.

I have so many characters on this server that while cross server raiding is possible, I would rather have them all in the same place - would be nice if they offered free transfers but not sure we’ll be seeing that anytime soon.