Sort of new laptop

I need some help. At Walmart they have some refurbished laptops. For under 200. Which one would be the wise buy. Need to for the internet, take notes, and maybe watch a few Netflix videos.
Thanks for the help.

cheapest one with an SSD

this would probably work too.

Get one with a amd ryzen dont buy a 2 or 4 core laptop in 2020

It’s a chrome book. It is specifically used for low-powered and light tasks. Sure it won’t be a rocket ship, but it doesn’t need to be. With the flash memory and the lightweight Chrome OS vs Windows 10 bloat, I’m willing to bet it will perform at these tasks just as well or better than a $200 laptop.

Plus it’s $170. Since we aren’t gaming and its just for lightweight work…cheapest is best, IMO.

Thanks for your help. My daughter decide to go with the one you posted.
You were very helpful.

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