Someone please explain timerunning to me like im six years old because?

Most exciting thing for me is the ability to do the raids. I didn’t raid during MoP, so these will all be new to me. It’s nice to finally be able to run them after a decade of them being unavailable

From what I understand, you play through mop and get rewards. Then when the event ends, the characters gets transferred to your main account.

It’s not appealing to me, but it may be a good balance to plunderstorm which I enjoyed. It’s also now officially called pandiablo fyi

You obviously dont need an explanation, this is actually a complaint post because you don’t like what it is advertised as being.

And that’s ok, but using the old ‘explain it to me’ dramatic ploy is a bit old.

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First reply compared it to Torghast which you dodged. Also you are the one who called yourself an idiot.

Looking at it, it is actually closer to a Runescape event that went on in the past (Fresh Start worlds) where you started fresh and just went through content at an accelerated pace with extra buffs. In this case it’s themed specifically for Pandaria content with the entire purpose of it is to acquire cosmetics.

So theyre forcing me to make a new character to get new rewards like plunderstorm? This game really is going dowhill with these gimmicks

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It’s not MoP classic, like people were asking for. It’s a FOMO MoP microgame for collectors who are nostalgic about MoP, especially for those who have nothing to do because they aren’t interested in Season 4.

for a gnome hunter named kneeshooter you could really use a sense of humor

yes i deliberately dodged it because i dont want to be proven wrong – even though i made a thread asking to be proven wrong – i am bad because everyone on the internet is a bad guy with bad intentions, the benefit of the doubt can never be given

its definitely not that it was poorly explained the first time and didnt offer the same amount of nuance that a later reply was able to do. “for poops and giggles” is a really profound statement indeed

you got me, Zhiyuwanju

Oh, sorry, was it meant to be funny? Damn, it can be hard having no vocal tells for humour. My apologies, I shall assume humour next time.

Its a novelty. Has new cosmetics. A lot of us would have DF basically completed by that point so boom! New content to grind.

You can try it out if you want right now.
It’s on the DF 10.2.7 PTR.

I just spent some time trying it out

It’s fun

before anyone brings it up, I am in fact THE Definitive Expert on fun. So I know fun when I see it.

There are a TON of cosmetics coming from this event.

Alternative PvE content during Fated season so people have something to spend time playing instead of unsubbing. Which is fair, it’s actually kinda fun from what I’ve played of it.

I’m less than halfway to 70 on it in PTR and my DK is already blatantly ridiculously strong.

It’s better than CM returning because people need to accept that CM sets probably aren’t returning.

Blizzard also still has plenty of time to add more stuff to this, but even as a base frame with just MoP endgame content this looks fine. Lot of rewards, and a good way to reuse content that’s been dead and unused for years now.

If I’m understanding it right, players who don’t have access to Ordos (and the world boss within) will finally be able to unlock it in Timerunning. The only way to get access before was to complete the legendary questline during original MoP.

It’s a small thing, but it’s been an annoyance for many of us who didn’t play MoP. I’m very happy that the devs have been keeping track of little details like this and finding solutions for them!

What’s wild is you can also queue for raids as early as 25 I think in addition to scenarios, dungeons, and/or just quest around.

They seem to leave it open to get bronze however you want so you can buy your mounts/xmog. They also have a daily/weekly quest for dungeons/raids/scenarios to help a bit. It’s kind of neat and the cloak gains in power more and more which xfers to alts apparently as well.

Whole lot of strawman. But then again you will probably insult some more and say to lighten up as you knee jerked this rant. Don’t care why you dodged it, never said you were an awful person. Someone called you an idiot (it was you who said it) now you get to the same with the reply you sent me.

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I mean, Sendryn’s reply adequately explained it. It’s MoP in Retail’s framework with wild power-ups for fun and to get cosmetics.


some of yall be saying actual deranged nonsense and then you say i’m trolling lmao