Someone please explain the Kyrian Arcane build

I switched to Kyrian but still need to make the Arcane Harmony legendary. How does it gel with Harmonic Echo? Do I buff Barrage with AM and Radiant Spark then cast Barrage after Radiant Spark? I don’t get it… Is this beneficial for raids and M+ mostly?

Yes, mainly for raid and M+, it takes a good 10-15 seconds to setup, so it difficult for a pvp.

You need close to full stacks from Arcane Harmony (18) before moving into the burst. When you move into your burst combo start with all your amp skills. ( ROP, arcane power, trinkets, pots, ect.)

You use radiant spark for the damage boost, followed by Touch of the magi. Its nice to use TOTM last to fit in more spells after the combo. The ToTM will charge you up.

You want to use 4 Arcane blasts as that is how you power up Radiant spark, as your 5th spell will be the big one, this is your Barrage setup being your hardest hitting mutli target spell.

You want a small pause before barrage, as the spell que has a glitch with Harmonic Echo. The echo will give you more damage into the TOTM window and explode for a ton of damage. The barrage cleave damage is also based on your main target, so they will also hit hard with your amped barrage.

So your trying to lineup everything you have into a giant TOTM explosion, once you get better at it, you can setup big ones and small ones and the order isn’t as important as long as you fit them in.


Perfect explanation thank you!!

the downside to the kyrian build is that its so easy to get your coolies messed up due to movement, mechs, catching pelagos stuff etc.

Its nice when everything goes off perfect… but usually, stuff happens, mob dies early, gotta kill the explosive etc.


Its funny you say that, I totally agree. I’m actually the exact same way with the fire rotation, not often but enough to get frustrated when my DPS suffers. I prefer Arcane just because I enjoy the playstyle but I’ve been Venthyr this whole time and want to change it up.

When you start getting into the nitty-gritty of it, you’ll find that the spec is really about managing cooldowns and stacks of Arcane Harmony.

Once you start getting familiar with the BIG rotation (which is exactly what Tinklewinle already mentioned), you’ll start finding that that only accounts for a small percentage of your time. When it comes to the rest of the time, you’ll be using CDs in some rather awkward rotations. Sometimes you’ll be able to use 2 or 3 at a time, sometimes it’s just one.

RS has a short cooldown, so ideally, you’ll be trying to take advantage of that buff every 30 seconds. That means you’ll need to get Arcane Harmony stacked up to full (or close to it) every 30 seconds. Best case scenario, you’ll be able to do this with clearcasting procs but, as any arcane mage will tell you, that usually doesn’t work, so don’t hesitate to hard-cast some missiles to fill the numbers out. It’ll feel like you’re doing something wrong at first, but it’ll be worth it in the end. This is also true for the start of most boss encounters. You’ll want to hard cast some missiles so you can burst right away.

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There’s a little bit of misinformation in your post.

There are two ways of playing kyrian arcane mage: Synced cooldowns and Desynced cooldowns. Synced cooldowns means you save some of your minor cds for a few seconds until your major cds become available. Desynced cooldowns means that as soon as a cd is available, you press it (like whack-a-mole). For kyrian arcane, the desynced cooldown rotation TECHNICALLY outperforms the synced cooldown rotation by ~1% overall dps. HOWEVER, because of things like moving and using defensives that require using a GCD the desynced rotation is incredibly more difficult to execute in a raid environment; so much so that literally none of the best arcane mage logs use the desynced cooldown rotation.

So when you say that ideally RS should be used on cd, you’re not wrong. You’re describing the desynced cooldown rotation. In practice, kyrian arcane mages should use the synced cooldown rotation. Which means using radiant spark every 45s, alligning it with Touch of the Magi windows.

The very basic synced-cooldown kyrian arcane mage rotation should be using your “Big Burn” on pull, then 45s later use a “Mini Burn”, then 45s later repeat.

  1. Arcane Explosion to fish for Clearcasting procs
  2. use RoP at ~4s left on pull timer
  3. use mirror images after RoP for slight dps gain (don’t do this if you need a defensive for a particular boss)

“Big Burn”:

  1. Potion, trinket, lust
  2. Arcane Missle until you have 18 stacks of Arcane Harmony
  3. Radiant Spark → Touch of the Magi → Arcane Power
  4. Arcane Blast 4x → do nothing for a split second to prevent Arcane Barrage from snapshotting.
  5. Arcane Barrage (this is your big hitter)
  6. Arcane Orb
  7. Arcane Missles spam ( with lust/pi it’s possible to get to 18 stacks early, then you’d use Arcane blast at 18 stacks)
  8. Arcane Barrage right before Arcane Power ends

“Mini Burn”:

  1. have 18 stacks of Arcane Harmony
  2. Radiant Spark → Touch of the Magi → RoP
  3. Arcane Blast 4x → do nothing for a split second to prevent Arcane Barrage from snapshotting.
  4. Arcane Barrage (this is your big hitter)
  5. Arcane Orb
  6. Arcane Missles spam to 18 stacks
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That’s a pretty amazing write up and I appreciate it. I feel like its very punishing with movement, GCD’s,and CD timers in general. But its exactly what I was looking for anyways, time to practice.

It can be punishing at times, but at the same time if you get your big combos off and die, you will atleast be in a decent DPS spot, its a bit of a roller coaster in tight windows especially in a kill the mob before it kills you situation.

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I really like the explanation of synced vs desynced CDs.

In my experience, I always start off with a nice sync on my CDs, but by the time the second AP is up (on longer boss fights), the reality is that I’m riding at 18 Harmony stacks just waiting for the next Radiant Spark to be up. If RoP and Touch is up as well, so much the better, but if I find myself waiting around for perfect alignment while handling boss mechanics, I’ll have waited too long with some craptacular filler AM or AB spam while burning-up my mana. I’ll admit that yes, I have managed my mana so poorly at times that I’ve run OOM in the middle of my RS build window on CDs. That’s when you pop a gem and hope to salvage your big nuke.

The woes of a Kyrian Arcane mage! There are so few of us that it’s nice to chat about it with folks who are in the same boat.

I’m curious to see if they include RS and Harmony in the Dragonflight Arcane tree. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about that. On one hand, it’ll be nice to have the option to maintain this mega-nuke build, but on the other, if it’s too powerful, it will default to the cookie-cutter Arcane build as it has in SL, and we’ll no longer have a viable burn/conserve rotation.

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I will be honest, I feel like there are some things out of order in that longer write-up, but it may just be because I have my own style for playing, I haven’t been paying attention to the rotation for a while, or because I’ve convinced a priest in my raid to give me faeries for cooldown reduction which can make some timers even weirder when he’s there…

Personally, I don’t like popping RoP on pull and wasting it while fishing for charges. I save my RoP for when my second RS is up. Yes, it means that I spend the first 30-40 seconds with it sitting waiting to pop, and it means I don’t always have it for TotM. I also use my potion and trinket AFTER I’ve cast Radiant Spark and touch. Maybe I’m losing some dps in the long run, but it feels better to me and it’s what I enjoy doing.

Which gets to the real point: As long as you know the basics of the build, there are tons of slightly different spins you can put on the rotation. Sure, some will outperform others, but but I don’t think it’s going to be a big difference in the long run. You have a bit more freedoms to play the way that feels comfortable to you. If you’re worried about an incoming mechanic, you can wait a little bit and not be punished too much for it.

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I have noticed my playstyle vary aswell, mainly due to trinkets. I am using Moonlit prism, that is a very good fit into Kyrian arcane, but this extends the Arcane Harmony phase often putting out more AM then required to get INT stacks as moving into AB with 740 extra Int is powerful. You also don’t move into burst with stacks as you need the ramp time as part of the combo.

When I play with IQD or sigil, I use a lot more small combos but I can use my major combo with less ramp time. You can move into this with previous Arcane Harmony charges. I use this on heavy movement fights as used with POM its fairly mobile playstyle.

Ruby is pretty standard and is what I think most people are referencing the sync and desynced follow a pretty steady flow.