Some special macro help needed

To understand the request, know that I’m using a Steam Controller with consoleport. I can’t keyboard/mouse game due to pain issues.

X Y B are my primary offensive buttons. Holding left trigger, right trigger, and left + right trigger gives me a total of 12 buttons with these three.

My current setup

X - Dot Castsequence
Y - Soul Fire/Shadowbolt with nocombat/combat modifer
B - petattack/petfollow macro
A - Jump

Left Trigger/Right Trigger/Left+ Right Trigger Held each gives a new macro spot.

To clarify, if I hold down left trigger, the above macros clear and I can put a new macro. Same for right, same for Left and Right together.

As a warlock I have a big toolkit. As it stands I can just about fit everything between xyb and my left direction pad sensor. Has 4 spots for macros and also benefits from left/right/left+right Trigger. I would like to consolidate but am running out of idea. mod:shift mod:alt doesn’t work for me since my trigger buttons are effectively alt/shift/ctrl.

Right now I’m toying with combat/nocombat to maybe combine some but that’ll only get me so far. I’m sorry for being this vague, it’s just I’m having to get more and more creative to keep my toolkit working.

Ok so what can’t you do that you’d like to be able to do?

Your pet’s primary abilities can all be triggered using the Command Demon spell.

These may be of use to you

You inadvertently gave me something to chew on. My left/right/left+right gives me new action bars. But if I can figure out a way to set those to a couple other buttons, I could potentially set left/right/l+r triggers to only trigger as shift/alt/ctrl. I could then have those mod options available. I’ve got science to try tonight when I get home.


Small update. I’ve actually got my controls set much better than I realized. When I made the post I was frustrated because I’m still working with the “feel” of my button layout to see what’s optimal for me and didn’t realize I had more than enough buttons.

My dot castsequence is nice, i’ve got a soulfire/shadowbolt macro, I’ve had summon/release macros for all 4 demons for some time now. As a warlock I’ve got a big toolkit and sometimes I feel like I’m missing something even when I’m not.