Some questions from trial/future player please

1 : does the game become less trivial after the level 20 trial period?

i’m not hardcore gamer but so far it feels like the ‘keep-them-busy’ games my nephews play on kids tablet, you just press whatever buttons and can’t lose everything dies in one hit then the npcs tell you how cool and strong you are and take you to see the king

i played this years ago and don’t remember it infantilizing the player like this

is this just an introductory “new player experience” and it becomes a more normal rpg later or is wow now an adult baby sitting game?

2 : does realms matter with cross-server group finder mechanics in place? i can’t talk in game yet as a trail account but the server i was placed on seems totally empty which might be boring if i want to find a guild?

should i restart on a populated realm from the wowprogress server list if i subscribe/buy the game? or do those have bad lag as a trade off?

3 : are there any UI overhaul mod packages that are still used and easy to install all in one that you can recommend or is the default in-game UI consitered good and used by most now?

Yes the game gets harder as you go up in level. The spells are more and the rotations get more involved.

You can talk in groups…RDF queue content. This is game wide.
Just beware of what you say…

Also any Friends can talk to you in game, or on the Launcher.

I have turned off gain of Experience on most of my less than 20 toons. I have a level 3 hunter I play sometimes. You can do this with 10 gold; below 60.

Since I only have a few hours to play a week. I have stopped my subscription.

Good luck…have fun.

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  1. Questing generally isn’t that challenging, although the first 20 levels are easier than the later ones. The most challenging content will be at end game, although trying to solo group content as you level can provide a challenge.

  2. Populated realms are more likely to have queues (or sometimes stability issues) at really busy times like expansion launches, but that’s really only an issue if you’re the race to max level at the start of an xpac type. Personally, unless you’re interest is cutting edge race for world first level play, I’d look at the “second tier” pop servers. The ones that are high, but not the mega-servers. (So something more in the Thrall/Proudmoore range instead of Area52/Illidan. You benefit from a healthy population for guild choice, but generally a more relaxed server culture.

  3. ElvUI is probably the more popular total UI overhaul package.

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