Some Kind of Loot System is recruiting for 8.2

Some Kind of Loot System is a casual heroic raiding guild although we usually clear normal first at the start of a tier to fill in gear gaps and familiarize ourselves with the fights in a less stressful environment. Currently our core roster is 15 and we are looking to expand to 20-25 which will help us deal with absences more readily when players inevitably take a vacation or get sick, etc. We are looking for raiders who value mechanic execution over raw DPS numbers but understand we still expect a reasonable performance so that you are not hurting progress with very low output.

We raid first and foremost to have fun in a team environment. You can expect our discord chat to be active and on raid nights our voice comms are known to contain bad singing and corny jokes. But we can be serious when we need to be.

Raid Times:
Wednesday: 7-9PM PST/ 8-10PM MST/ 9-11PM CST/ 10-12AM EST
Thursday: 7-9PM PST/ 8-10PM MST/ 9-11PM CST/ 10-12AM EST

Current progress: 9/9H
Past progress: we have always managed to clear a heroic tier when it is current (AOTC)

We will consider all promising applications and even new raiders who are quick learners but are especially looking for the following:
3-5 rDPS: any (we are currently rather melee heavy) but especially
-SPriest (healing OS is a +)
-Boomkin (healing OS is a +)

1-2 mDPS:
-1 DK (highest melee need, be comfortable using grip please)
-1 Rogue

1-2 healers (preferably with DPS OS):

If interested please apply below or you can contact me or another member in game with questions.

Info has been updated.

Hey folks, AeV here. We’re currently sitting at 9/9 H BoD and 1/2 H Crucible, but our roster has thinned out over the course of the expansion, and we’ve been having trouble fielding full raid groups recently. Would you be at all interested in discussing a merger?

We would consider it for sure if the logistics can be worked out, mainly the differences in our raid schedules might be the biggest obstacle. Some of our players have tough RL schedules to work around and I’d hate for a schedule change to cause either guild to lose raiders. You can message me in game or on bnet: Cindycrosby#1782.