Some Basic Questions about Achievements

I’ve started working on some neglected achievements but some of the very basic questions aren’t covered in the guides I’ve found.

The first thing I want to do is get the safari hat. I show that I have completed the first three trainers listed in “Taming Kalimdor” I’m having some trouble continuing the achievement.

I tried to go to one of the nearby trainers and couldn’t fight her. I tried to go to the next trainer on the list and couldn’t fight her either.

Here are my questions:

  1. Do you have to complete the trainers in the order listed?
  2. Do you have to complete all the trainers on the same character?
  3. Can you only fight a trainer once?
  4. Are there known glitches that prevent you from fight with trainers?
  5. Can you only fight specific trainers on specific days or do they rotate or something?

I’m just trying to figure out some reason why I can’t battle the trainers.

I do not believe you have to complete the trainer in the order listed, but you have to complete defeating all of the trainer on the same character.
I would log on to the character that have started defeating the first 3 trainer or go to the pet trainer that will give the quest for defeating the tame master of the world. I believe that the trainer is in Orgrimmar close to the flight master.
Once you have completed the quests and gotten the achievements for defeating the tame masters, you will unlock dailies from them in which you will be able to re-battle them everyday.

Thanks for your help! I went back to the last one it said I had defeated and she had a quest to go to the next one. Once I got that quest I could battle the next one on the list. I’m guessing that means I have to do them in order.

Pretty sure you have to do them in order. It’s kind of a progression thing because each tamer has pets that are higher level.

When I did it, many moons ago, I stalled on Cassandra Kaboom because all the pets I had got demolished by mechs.

Read the comments here:


There is kind of a bug where you may have to create an Alliance character to complete it. Not sure if that bug is still active or they fixed it.

Thanks for your replies. Do I need to do the Eastern Kingdom Trainers on an Alliance character?

Those comments are useful.

Not really a bug, quite deliberate on Blizzard’s part to keep things “interesting”. A character from one faction cannot complete the 40 trainers required for Taming the World and the Safari Hat, they’ll get stuck at 38 or 39. Easy workaround though, make an alt for the other faction and do their first trainer or two.

Different Trainers have different Lvl pets. As i remember, you have to have at least one pet at the same or higher lvl as the Trainer you are challenging.
Also, for you to use higher Lvl pets, YOU have to be a at a particular Lvl or higher.
Of course your DH won’t have that problem, but Toons from Lvl1 to idano, Lvl 50? 75? will.
Oh, right… Your questions… As far as i know, you don’t have to use the same character for the fights.
As a rule, You can fight the Tamers as many times as you want, as long as you lose. Win, and you’re done with that Tamer for the day.
Trainers rotate in Garrisons (WoD) and in the Broken Isles. (Legion) In the other World Areas, I think the Trainers are available every day. Stay patient, and Luck to You.

I would post a screenshot but don’t think I can.
Just got the title Tamer, the safari hat, and Taming Pandaria, Taming the World, Taming Azeroth, and I Choose You achievements! Such fun! :smiley:


A Cascade of Achievements!