SoM Transfers or Merge Need to happen

Maibe if they stopped server transfers everywhere it would fix most of this problem. You are making some sense there


Yes, you are wrong.
Thanks for agreeing, i guess.

You talk like it was years ago, get real. By the second week everyone knew what was happening.

You claimed blizzard messed up with you and your best solution is give them more money, by all means my friend, quit. It will be better for you.

“blizzard u made a mistake lemme reward u with MOAR MONEYZ BWHAHAHAH”
I am sorry but this is indeed pretty funny.

I also never understand why this crowd want character transfers instead of a one time character copy, but oh well, the urge to lose and give more money is indeed incredible

I was laughing but now i am sad about you.
Will toss a pray.

Funny thing about this statement the time invest in both a level 25 and a 60 have objectively the same value, unless you are profiting form the game, which you aren’t but you choose to overbunder yourself anyways.

Pretty sure the lack of allowing transfers is a sign Blizzard has given up on Seasons. Not enough interest if they can only fill a couple servers.

I want free transfers. Thanks for retailing at me though, as requested.


They never in their history let people transfer from low pop to high pop for free.
By all means, pay this sub to support my game all you want.


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Merge all Classic Era current servers to 1 PvE and 1 PvP. Create a new server for CE that is designated as the “fresh” that resets 6 months after Naxx release where you can then transfer off to an existing CE server, similar to SoM. Do this every 18-24 months, minimal effort and easy profit.

The truth of the matter is Blizzard should keep Classic Era as a successful museum piece. There is and always will be a community, whether big or small that wants Vanilla WoW or a close enough iteration.

They have that in CE and can continue to be profitable while using minimal resources. The code is already written, the game is somewhat polished (minus the few bugs that need to be fixed) and you have a happy playerbase that doesn’t require change or updates.

SoM has shown outside of one realm it is failing. The playerbase is leaving. Between one mega server and all others on the way out, PvP system from the start that became the new meta, half thought out plans that only effect MC and BWL, and listening to a never enough playerbase, Blizzard should let go of trying to “Make Classic Better”. Keep Classic Era revolving and let the players that constantly complain about wanting changes move on.


So when you and another 1000 people including bots and professional gold sellers do the same thing you’re doing you don’t see the problem?

No, because you don’t want to admit that is an issue because it benefits you.

200 to 300? Get real, more like 300-500 per dead server.

Even if true. Its peanuts.

So is releveling a character, one of which only extends your play time and another cutting it short for others.

So relevel like the rest of us or quit.

Yah I’ll just quit till they let us transfer. If they dont let us transfer then whatever


This, and it’s free.

Time to delete SoM, to me.

Salty much. :salt:
What a childish way of thinking, just because someone likes something different from you.

Nope. Just sounds like it needs to be deleted, and everyone can safely abandon all of their SoM toons, that they’ll never play, again.

I tried to warn you folks a few months back. I’d link my own thread but Blizzard deleted it.

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By getting banned for exploiting?

Yep critical levels of salt and childish behavior detected, lots of people are enjoying SoM like myself. If you simply don’t like something don’t take part.


-people decide to massively stack on one server before launch
-one server becomes massive with overcrowding and other population issues while the other 7 servers become desolated in comparison
-pikachu face


Nope. Sounds like deletion is in order and for folks to abandon their SoM characters, they’ll never play again.

Sorry, that the truth hurts :black_heart:

EDIT: The even harsher reality is how the perma servers are the dumping grounds, for the SoM trophies. But, nobody cares about that because “they don’t like” the perma servers, right? I’m actually more “salty” over SoM characters get to be freely dumped onto the perma servers, more than anyone playing SoM, itself. 'Cause see, that’s where it actually affects me, but you don’t care about that, therefore IDC about your “salt”, either. So, let us continue being “childish” and “salty”, together :black_heart:

But, in the end, it doesn’t really even matter.

EDIT 2: If the SoM characters weren’t able to be freely dumped onto the perma servers, I’d be more sympathetic. Seeing, as how that it is not the case…I have no sympathy for SoM players feeling like they’re being “mistreated”. There’d be a lot more at stake, if nothing was able to be saved/archived. Seeing as how everybody’s progress is being saved, for free…I have no compassion to what the SoM players feel like they’re “missing out on”.

Let us have transfers ! Lots of ppl with characters that would like transfer, not everyone has another month of time to reroll …… come on