SoM quest exp change to 40%

Um no no Speaking from someone that did level back in the day And I did level in classic and about level.

48 To about 50 Maybe 52 You did kind of run into of a wall where you did just have to grind it out.

Also 35 To about 38 was a rail pain the butt it was a very big lack of quest there as well.

I wonder if a non-linear increase is something they’ve considered. Start with 25% and ramp up to 40% as you go through the higher level zones to keep pacing going?

I never had that issue.

If you truly did quest and I mean quest, which involves not being boosted through elite zones or dungeons, doing your professions properly, then you did ding 60 before finishing all quest zones in the game.

I usually had 3 zones completely untouched, I never did un goro for instance, but also some other mid level zones were skipped.

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this whole speed leveling is a bot heaven. You will end up with so many bots on SOM, it will be an absolute nightmare. Looking at things, they could just as well sell full level 60 chars, it would have the same result.

SOM just isnt for the average joe and casual, its all about the elite getting faster to raids and world firsts, so that streamers get many viewers.

I wish the old Blizzard would come back, back when they were making games for gamers and not streamers.

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OK 1st off I assure you I did quest through most of the zones but there were some fallouts because remember there were some zones where especially later in the game where horde had more quests than alliance

Now yes I am a Warrior so and a tank so I did get more dungeon runs that’s why I made one for the record.

But I did tank them legitimately I didn’t get boosted I got an electric and say looking for dungeon groups XY and Z but that certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t do every single dungeon quest I could get my hands on.

I want to go get the zf Is mallet And the egg for st and the staff for Mara.

And I can say gently around I’ll say about 45 To about 47 was really bad.

Because that’s taneris And from there You go do the hinterlings for a little bit the very little quests there are there.

And then yes you can go to fellwood which is an absolute nightmare to quest in And then you’re questing zones once you hit about 50 you’re kind of Winter Spring Is burning steps and Eastern/ Is Western plague lands is where I ended.

It’s been a while So I’m going off of memory over a year ago so it may not be 100% accurate of what I did but that’s fairly close.

it means they are bad at questing :roll_eyes:

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You have to realize that players play in waves, there isn’t a steady stream of new players to back fill content and catch up. You’ll notice this once the initial wave are 60, and all zones below are dead, and the penalty for starting late is big that no one will want to join us.

Keep it at 25% for the 1st phase, and move it to 40% by phase 2/3 then cuz we need new players to have a way to catch up when the schedule is 12 months total, down from 24 months.

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that’s a good point. they can always increase the amount in phases

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That’s not really going to accomplish anything, and my previous ‘positive spin’ is a poor argument. What’s holding back players from rolling alts won’t really be leveling time. It’ll be gearing. With the ridiculously rushed content release, players will have a very difficult time gearing one character. Let alone multiple.

New players might gain a benefit who join later on. But, quite frankly, I don’t think there will be many of them.

Someone who plays an hour a day might get a BRD run if lucky, someone who plays 10 will get 10.

This will only add up over time, therefore it is an illusion to assume that those 40% will help anyone but those already at the top. They will be clearing AQ when others start with MC, but since the leveling phase is so much shorter now, it will be even harder to find friends on the way.

Everyone i know today in WOW, is from Vanilla. We did level up together, later formed a guild and even tho in TBC i went pro, we always stayed in touch.

This is going to be a rough awakening for people when they are 60 and do know nobody, as that is already a big issue with retail. At one point, Blizz must add LFG tools to compensate this and they will, give it a few months after release.

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Leveling fresh with a partner so far seems perfect though. Grouped for every quests and leaving mulgore at level 14. In under 5 hours too. 40% so far seems to perfectly accomodate the more casual levelers


I can tell you I didn’t actually start making friends when I was leveling up until I hit mid 40.

And those people I did stick with so Is butt through those blue level dungeons It was kind of OK let’s just get this done and then everybody leaves and moves on.

That was my experience at the very least As far as keeping and touch Depends on the person Some I did some I don’t I.

Can’t say everybody from classic I don’t talk to but it’s a very few selective people over all.

I agree with much of what you say. The way they’re handling fresh classic is about as anti-casual as they can get. I really don’t know who their target audience is.

Let’s consider TBCC. They sell boosts. So what they’re doing is letting players skip a huge chunk of the game and get them into the raid grind as quickly as possible. What happens? Players leave in droves. Because that is NOT what the majority of players want, or at least not from Classic servers. I read daily how servers are ghost towns and need to be merged. Notice this didn’t happen in Classic (until the split), but it happened very quickly in TBCC. This is what happens when Blizzard nullifies the journey. You have a dead, empty, vacant world and you’ve taught players that the game only starts at the end.

So how does Blizz respond? “Hey guys, so this design has been a catastrophic failure in TBCC, so we should design fresh Classic around it…obviously!” Do they not realize what’s going to happen?

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I wanted a fresh TBC server with no boost and we got crickets. I canceled my account. I came back to test Mastery and they have already failed me. Why not just let everyone start at the end and be done with it. sigh

Yeah you’re not wrong about that But again blizzard did say they were taking feedback so again.

We need to give feedback on what we want to tell them I mean 40% leveling speed is a lot better than 25.

What I want to hear I want to hear what their ideas are for the classes And the pvp system and loot

At the very minimum For the PVP system the 20% decay should be gotten rid of it doesn’t help anyone it’s not good.

As far as classes go I still say give us wrath classes with 60 talent points.

Honestly rather than this they should just make it so we have TBC’s version of the Classic world with the exp adjustments, new quest hubs, new zones and races. Keep the Classic classes, raids and level cap. Make the Dark Portal blue and inaccessible. Maybe return a few of the elite quests back too.

TBC added a lot to finish off Azeroth and make it a more enjoyable and cohesive experience levelling from 1-60.

No its not a lie. Lvl 51-52 i had to grind hellboars in blasted lands.

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that doesn’t mean there are no quests for level 51 and 52 characters…

Couldn’t they just reduce the cost of skills to compensate for the increased leveling speed?

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40% increased quest XP… well, I’ve tried it now just for the Dwarf/Gnome starting zone and two notes:

  1. First time I’ve ever hit 6 before leaving a starter zone. That’s great because I’ve always felt the need to grind to 6 on the way to Kharanos since you have to be 6 to get one of the quests.
  2. Didn’t have enough cash to purchase all of my skills at level 6. I can only guess how badly that will scale, so I’m definitely going to have to skip a lot of stuff.