SoM characters should be able to transfer to any realm they want

Libel is the term for wtitten communication.

Just knowing what the words mean does not follow that the individual understands what the device is or what it does. That was proven.

Objection overruled.

Hopefully I don’t go to jail.

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You slapped yourself in the face. Because you expected blizzard giving som players the control over where they got to transfer to in regards to wrath servers.

They are trying to balance servers with som characters.

Oh yeah blizzard trying to balance servers has caused insane in-balance and mass unsubscriptions. Great idea.

There’s something you have misunderstood. SoM players will get free choice among Wrath servers - not the fresh ones or the locked, but else - It’s the SoM players going to Era who stands to loosing this freedom of choice, strangely as Era was the original target of SoM players.

Please point to exactly where it said that in the most recent announcement:

More than once, players have asked for clarification from Blizzard.
While I would like to believe that you are simply posting to be helpful, gonna need to see the blue letters.

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100%, heres a toon you sunk a ton of time in, lets send it to a realm you will never play on. Now you gotta spend 25$ to move em to a relevant server.


Somebody referred to a discussion outside these fora.
And wouldn’t it be logical?

My agenda is simple: First and foremost: Free choice for the SoM players going to Era as well, and second: Trying to help.
I would LOVE a Blue post as well!

Wonder if we can get some extra support in here for them to lift the PVP/PVE restrictions on transfers as well. This block hasn’t existed in WoW at all for some time, seems arbitrary to bring it back for this very niche thing. It only serves to hurt the few people that it affects.

They talked about doing just this, but honestly free transfer to any Era realm would work just as well - or maybe even better, as some of us already have 10 characters on the Era servers.
Just have Hordies and Allys on two different realms in the same cluster … problem solved.

What they talked about, was allowing transfers to any realm, as long as it matched your server type (PVP/PVE). My request was, that since that realm type restriction has not existed in any form of WoW, retail and Classic, in quite some years, that it makes no sense for it to pertain to this transfer as well.

Ahh sorry yes THAT restriction is quite meaningless, sorry I’m too focussed on having free transfer to all Era realms. I read it as Era Ally & Hordie on same realm restriction, which I think should remain as clustering solves this problem.
The PvP/PvE restriction is totally meaningless - what about RP servers too?

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Servers/Transfers are up.

Lame, they kept the PVP/PVE type restriction in :frowning:

I just don’t get why. Hell, if you pick Era as your destination, you can even pick PVE or PVP? >.>

So for the people that transferred their SOM characters initially, are they screwed?

did you ticket?

No, but I’ll try.

Dunno if that will work but it can’t hurt.
Mentioning that monkey wrench that Blizzard threw in might get some traction.

Just adding my reply on the pile that I would like to transfer my SoM character to my Wrath Classic server that is currently locked. Makes no sense that I can’t have one more character on the server, it’s not like I’m adding to the queue or server traffic.

I wish we could xfer to any realm we want. Stuck with a SoM alt that I won’t do anything with atm due to the awkward xfer restrictions

Their PvE->PvE and PvP->PvP restrictions for the transfer not only don’t make any sense, they aren’t even consistent. You can transfer a PvE server character to Whitemane (PvP). Lift the restrictions and let people go to their home servers with their characters instead of arbitrarily trapping some people because of a meaningless distinction.