SoM characters should be able to transfer to any realm they want

The reason they closed to xfers is because of a technical issue where people tried to xfer to realms where they had characters of the opposing faction and that wouldnt work. I wholeheartedly hope that theyve seen the messages across the 3 big threads that are existing and realize that where they are forcing us to move isnt in line with the values the claim to hold for classic and make a decision change… The people with negativity here about the WOTLK continuation or harassing us regarding our concerns were at least helpful in thread engagement and your post didnt get lost in oblivion so we can thank them for that

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While I think this is a nice gesture in theory, the theory falls apart because you can split off to era or wrath servers. I know a great deal of SoM players that want to play era for PvP, and a great deal of other players that want to go to wrath.

I personally don’t really care for being with my SoM guild again, and if I did I would rather be on Skyfury because thats where they went to already. If Blizzard wanted me with my SoM guild, they’d open SoM transfers to there too. Though, as a fresh server, I can see why they wouldn’t. Tricky situation.

But yeah. I dunno. That idea certainly is very nice, and maybe thats what Blizzard thought when only allowing SoM characters to go to one realm only, between era and wrath. But, I think most people value the communities on their home servers rather than with SoM guilds, and I think this thread may have given them some insight into that idea as well. Maybe. We’ll see.

The problem i have with moving forward with the SOM community for horde is that even on jom gabbar as AQ gates opened the decline of active players fell dramatically and only 2 guilds actually cleared naxx as there was about 30+ when MC was out. Theres no one for us to move forward with everyone quit so going to our home realms we have existing characters on ( even though they are locked ) is the only way we can find value in this offer theyve presented too us… Even if you dont have a home realm on your account you should be able to freely pick ANY unlocked realm.

Bro I felt so bad for horde on SoM, I just straight up wouldn’t attack unless attacked by them. Different situation on Grobb, where I feel no remorse for killing on sight. :slight_smile:

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Horde was doomed to fail regardless because of how pve centric som was in general


I have simply stated that it was not something I personally wanted or expected. I understood that seasonal could mean a wipe at the end which is why once beta for SoM was completed and they announced you could move to Era on conclusion if you wished was surprising to me. I’m not against that nor am I against the further change in terms that was announced in August to allow movement to a Wrath server. It’s not something I am choosing it was, as it appeared to me, an unexpected gift from Blizzard.

Do I believe that the potential benefit to Era was harmed by the additional option? In my opinion yes. If someone wanted to continue playing that beloved character at level 60, my feeling is that Era is the best place for that. Others feel differently and that’s fine. Again disagreement isn’t trolling or toxic or out of place here. Those of us that see no issue with the decision that Blizzard reached regarding transfers to Wrath are welcome to voice that here as that’s the purpose of the forum.

I am not entirely pleased and have put forward one primary suggestion: include Earthfury in the transfer destination along with (or better yet, in place of) Eranikus. I get that Blizzard wants this new realm they spun up during the queue crisis to be successful but the health of a long standing server like Earthfury is, I would argue, even more important.

edit the Blizz thread for SoM transfers was unpinned at approx 2:50p EDT so perhaps something is happening
edit2 so this happened

So now my question is does this mean that realms that are locked now are planning to be unlocked by the time SoM transfers are enabled? Or will those locked realms still be unable to receive transfers? Because if you are allowing SoM characters to bypass locks this is extremely unfair to those on the locked servers that want to get all of their characters currently in Wrath consolidated on their main/locked server.

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It would of been fine if everyone stayed yes, but it wasn’t the case, I was one of the last to leave after my guild disbanded, do you think I should of stayed there to impress you? Was I supposed to run MC solo? How about 5 man’s, could I of done them solo?

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Arielba just being Arielba. Has to comment on anything and be derogatory

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Transfer will be opened, but read this:

Additionally, we’ll soon be removing the restriction from Classic Era realms that prevents players from having both Horde and Alliance characters on the same PvP realm. This should make it easier to consolidate your characters in the same place on Classic Era, should you choose to move your SoM characters there.

This is so not Classic!

same. sometimes I would let hordies get a kill, just so they were happy :expressionless:

We won Myste, gg get rekt Miffy, Despitebeing lol owned


True, the guy didn’t even know what diamond flask was until about a month ago, I shouldn’t bother arguing with him seeing as he clearly doesn’t even play the game.

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/salute comrade

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Nope there should be a destination realm for them. You’re lucky you get to come here anyway.

Imo they should have gave you all a new locked server. No transfers inbound or outbound.

They just said it’s been changed, you’re too late to troll, you lost.

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Hey, thanks everyone for making noise. Even if you agreed or disagreed with the outcome, I’m just glad we could all come together and discuss what should’ve been done.


I didn’t lose anything. I’m not trying to troll anyone. It’s how I felt. SOM had unfair advantages over classic. Your progression and achievements are a lie.