SOM 2 when?

What the title says. Where is SOM 2? I understand the first one wasnt so popular but that was because it was released just after the launch of Classic Wrath…

There is now huge interest and we are due for SOM Season 2.



All we know is that it’s not called SoM 2.

My guess is we’ll get a + before a new SoM.

Man I have no idea but this hardcore meme has already worn off for me.

The game is so boring without wPVP and battlegrounds.


I don’t care much for wPVP or Battlegrounds, but I can only stomach so much leveling in Classic Era. I did enjoy WoW Classic in 2019/2020, but even then I could only quest for so long, and just spammed dungeons, so I don’t see myself making it to 60, even if it’s not due to dying.

Yeah, hardcore just doesn’t do it for me.

I understand the appeal of some people and I like leveling but skipping “dangerous” quests (esp with the hyperspawns) or waiting to do them when they are green means grinding on mobs for XP, on a PVE server, and that’s just not that fun to me.

Like there was this one close call, I was in a spot I shouldn’t really be and had hyperspawns all around and I almost died but didn’t thanks to a hearthstone and a healing pot. So in my head, I should feel satisfied that I had escaped death but ALL I felt was annoyance that I didn’t do that quest because I like to do all my quests every time.

Plus I miss the wpvp aspect. That’s been a part of this version of Wow for me since first crossing into contested territories in 2004.

So I’ve been messing around to see what the new PVP system feels like but really I am craving fresh.

Blizzcon or by the end of the year though. Patience is required and the news may be good or may not be.


I wonder if it would be better to even wait a few years.

I didn’t play vanilla so I can’t really relate, but I felt from speaking to those that did and played in classic that classic in 2019 was so great because there was so much nostalgia.

We had classic in 2019, som, era, hc… i wonder if people would come back in the same numbers that they did in classic, or maybe it would be better to wait a few years for people to miss classic/vanilla.

I will add - I just speak from my experience - I levelled in classic, som, tbc, wrath (no HC tho), playing era, idk If I’d want to level fresh again (even more so if it ressembles to era as it is now) but that’s just me!

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how have you determined interest levels?

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we don’t know that at all :expressionless:

as for the OP, Q2 2024 :expressionless:

LOL, I haven’t heard a single person that’s excited for another SOM. The first one failed spectacularly and proved the system was a waste of time.

I just want fresh vanilla (no gimmicks like SoM had) progression servers. About as many as there are HC right now. And for Blizzard to AGGRESSIVELY crack-down on botters and gold selling/buying, to keep GDKP more legitimate and to ensure the servers don’t get so stale and inflated so quickly. And rename all the current Era servers to “Legacy Era”, disallowing transfer from the old servers to the new ones.

This is what my ideal scenario would be.

well you’re not getting a “fresh”. you’re gonna get some iteration of SoM2. so get used to it bud :expressionless:

I played for a bit on classic in 2019/2020 and had fun but had to leave game for a couple years. So I will ask, what the heck is SOM?

There was a lot of stuff that happened on classic that does not happen on era. Honestly I’d say the 2 are hardly relatable

Ungoro crater wpvp
Lotus mafia
Phase 2 (I know, I know many didn’t like it, but many did with improvisation)
Wars over world buffs in brm and DMF week raids on elwynn/tb
Lots of different community driven competitions
Actual guild rivalries

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fresh when, hardcore is dumb

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It did so terribly and HC came out of the blue… I kinda think this is their version of SOM2.

Cuz you cant get to 60 in it…poor guy.

There are more 60 hunts on our server than most of the others combined. Only 16 level 16 pallies on it.

32 rogues.

You rollin the easy mode class and still cant get it up so ofc you’ll be saying HC is dumb.

Dev stated in an interview that it wouldn’t be called Season of Mastery 2 so, yes, we do know that. :roll_eyes:

Who said I wanted “fresh”? I got that all out of my system the first time around. Doesn’t make SoM a less crap idea.

Next SoM will do far better than the first, but there’s never going to be another 2019 Classic. The raw nostalgia from 15 years of time passing, and what Vanilla meant to so many people’s childhood and young adulthood, plus the novelty factor, plus the longevity boost of COVID? It’s just not going to ever happen again. Lightning already struck twice for Vanilla and that’s rare enough.

Moving forward it will retain its core playerbase, but that’s it. The broader demographics that turned Vanilla and Classic Vanilla (to a lesser extent) into more than just games are not going to return in any meaningful numbers. They got their fix, or got their chance to do what they couldn’t as kids, and now they have adult memories of the game. Even if Classic ended entirely and Blizzard waited a decade, the initial draw isn’t going to be a fraction of 2019 and there is unlikely to be another pandemic to keep participation afloat.

Then there’s the fact that Vanilla didn’t just end this time. Every ounce of 2019 Classic’s success detracts from the potential of a hypothetical future re-re-release. Time that could have been spent building anticipation and creating space for nostalgia for 2019 has instead been spent on TBCC and Wrath Classic and Classic Era and Classic HC.

I do think Blizzard needs to pick a lane with SoM2, however. From what I can tell there’s the people who want a repeat of the nochanges run, and then there’s people like me and my friends, who are very interested in Vanilla, but only if meaningful changes are made. We want the primary goal to be recreating the experience of the original game, rather than trying to rebuild it brick-by-brick. No pointlessly withholding objectively better modern UI systems, like for the AH. No hands-off approach to balancing instead of continuing down the same path the original devs were taking (which essentially means TBC-esque balancing). None of this antithetical-to-Classic behavior of rolling a spec or class because you think you’re entitled to it performing at a specific level in a specific patch.

If they try to appease to both crowds they’re just going to brick the entire run.