SoM 2 PvP Leak; Will NOT Play!

You really dont know do you? LUL.

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As I see above I’ve attracted at least three Sadomasochists. Never suggested making it too easy. A large amount of honor to obtain an item is sufficient difficulty. Allowing people to save honor at least allows it to be done over time. This isn’t a retail vs classic debate. This comes down to basic human health and well-being. I’m starting to wonder if some of you Classic Purists are actually just closet Sociopaths.

They haven’t bro. Stop coping so hard. It’s probably not good for your health.

Also, I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m still playing even if WBs are in and I just will never get them like I did in original Classic.

Bro I never even flasked. I never bought a SINGLE flask the entire time of Classic Vanilla.

Makes you think. Seems clear they understand the enjoyment of world buffs unlike bad players such as yourself lol.

Edit: if you cared about classic or what the intentions moving forward for the game were you would have known this.

Troll in the dungeon and his name is frosstfire. Go be a bad stain on someone elses community.


Seems you lack reading comprehension as they said they aren’t adding them and will do something else in their place.

Maybe re read it.

Contrary means “goes against”. This means they aren’t adding them. LUL

PWNED by your own comment.

I mean you can interpret that how you will, but its clear as day they understood taking away world buffs was a seasonal thing for this “more challenging” season. I read it as future seasons are likely to involve them again.


No they won’t. They have said they are probably never coming back.


Against SOM 1’s seasonal design you actual dolt lol. Which I agree with. Not classic. LUL

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Mad you PWNED yourself.

You got proven wrong and can do with that information what you will. Trolls gonna troll afterall. Cant help yourself.

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Post more comments where you PWN yourself again. It’s entertaining.

I would like to see them have a solid one year cadence of Classic with a new server and rule set. I’ve cleared Classic from fresh through KT farming 4 times with more characters than I care to count, changing it up a bit could be fun. If there are a few changes I don’t like, who cares its only for a year.

I enjoyed no WB’s and enjoyed getting them, enjoyed raids as they were and buffed (in some cases dramatically). Most of us will play fresh regardless of its era or SoM.

You’re cornered. You didn’t think I knew you bought your gear in prepatch. You’re bad. And will never amoubnt to anything. In game, or irl.

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Yes I did. I’ve directly stated it many times.


I was trying to fool the other guy. He’s new…

Troll in the dungeon.

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Frostfire get exposed: LUL I WUZ JUST JOWKIMG

Shall we discuss the Lazarak patented BG rotation again ?

If there was one thing I would change in Vanilla it would be the PvP reward system.

It can still be a lengthy grind without punishing people for playing an hour less the following week.

Yep. You can make gear incrementally unlock as people progress in honor or marks or whatever currency.

It’s not hard.

The ranking system is the 2nd worst part of Classic after world buffs in raids.

The rotation of winning games and not losing. I win games, you lose them.