Solo Shuffle

Blizzard needs to make it where every round the healer changes. Played a game where I get the same healer for the first three rounds, healer pops ZERO of his CDS, we lose all three rounds… and then he decides to leave. THIS HAS HAPPENED SO MANY TIMES.


Honestly true

Doing this every match would mean all dps play the first two rounds with the same co-dps. Is that preferable

Does it?

The team could just apply the same filter code to healers it does to dps currently.

Great idea OP.

What do you mean by filter code?

I think on the math the only way for dps a and b to not play consecutive rounds with healer x, ditto dps c and d with healer y, is to play the second round as aby vs cdx

Let’s use abc/123 as an example.

You are A. B and C and 1 are dps. Heals are 2,3.

A/B/2 game 1
A/C/3 game 2
A/1/2 game 3
A/B/3 game 4
A/C/2 game 5
A/1/3 game 6

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I am shocked by the contention that this is more intuitive than abcd/xy to anybody, but okay

Off the bat dps b is stuck with healer 2 for the first two consecutive rounds. My read of the op is that the demand is for that to never happen to dps b

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I believe this just makes it so you can’t have a healer and a dps 3 times in a row instead you have 2 2 2.

So your third consec healer game you would just be put at the end of the games, instead of in the middle.

Okay, this works, but i absolutely hate this convention. Why would you not have different classes of variable for healers and dps?


There’s so many complaints and over thinking to a bracket where a good handle on dps rotation and a basic understanding of how arena is played takes you straight to max rewards.

A healer leaving and screwing you over one round doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of a season that lasts a pregnancy. You’d have the same issue with a dps leaving.

Round Healer 1 Healer 2 Dps 1 Dps 2 Dps 3 Dps 4 Distribution
1 x o x x o o xoxxoo
2 x o x o x o xoxoxo
3 x o o x o x xooxox
4 x o x o o x xoxoox
5 x o o x x o xooxxo
6 x o o o x x xoooxx

That would guarantee no one is stuck with the same player more than* twice in a row.

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Maybe a fourth guy can find an even less helpful framing for this problem

It doesn’t appear to do that
Looks like healer one is stuck with dps one on both of the first two rounds, and with dps 3 on both of the last two rounds

Oh, sorry, meant 3 times. Yea, no way to avoid 2 in a row, but can avoid 3.

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