Solo Shuffle Showdown Is Kicking Off Soon!

Solo Shuffle Showdown Is Kicking Off Soon!

Get ready for the first Solo Shuffle tournament, where 36 players from NA and EMEA will duke it out for a share of the $100,000 (USD) prize pool!

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yay more content 99.99999% of the players can’t play


I want $100,000!

Why not take some of the prize money from all the tournaments y’all keep setting up and reinvest it into the game? If not I’m sure there are some sick children that could benefit.

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Whos ready to see a ton of meta comps and cringe overuse of classes.


I can’t wait to see 36 of the same 2 classes


You can play Solo Shuffle.
Stop being unnecessarily mad.

Unfair comment. You could say that to every expense that isn’t considered fundamental.

As for the tournament.
Bit disappointed with the class pool.
This could be a fun event. But 6 rogues, 4 Resto Shamans?
If it’s going to be a try hard event, it wont be fun to watch.


It’s solo shuffle, comps are random.

Overuse of classes tho… can’t disagree. EU healers are basically just a bunch of rdruids. Zzz.

Not knowing what you’re raging about has never stopped GD. Honor the tradition. Get furious about microloans going to agriculture businesses in Indonesia. Skip the details; focus on the hate throughput.

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Is Twitch going to be used for AWC again going forward? This is great news.

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Rip, really wish there was a way to do opt in to this I would have logged in just to try to get into this tourney. Sadge