Solo shuffle doubles

dear blizzard STOP PUTTING DOUBLES of anything in solo teams 2 priest ,2dks ,or my favorite 2 evos .i know you monitor this make that a none issue for all involved. I get 2 of the same thing on my team and one dies or they get 2 of the same and they kill someone on my team what’s the point of nerfing and balancing when your ganna let 2 of the same be on one team with some of the suckest healers I’ve ever seen in all this game very few are good enough to live through a match and no i don’t mean at the try hard mlg lvl most of us are still climbing over and over every week. don’t bother commenting i don’t read other peoples garbage it’s just my experience and they keep saying come to the forums. when you get about as much help in here as we do with support in the whole game …none.