Solo needs a minimum gear requirement

Just Google before posting

You need to watch skillcapped to get 2300? :open_mouth:

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Honestly was a good one <3

At least your name checks out.

If only I could see yours, oh the tragedy

Also stop arguing with a DH named smoothbrained. Clearly not somebody worth arguing with.

Also, a lot of the problems mentioned here with solo queue like getting queued with fresh 60s and getting weird MMR variance is a (Hopefully) prepatch issue just due to not many people playing/queueing atm.

If there’s a ton of people queueing and the game can make lobbies with MMR values that makes sense, it should in theory do so.


Take this guys advice. My IQ is far superior to yours

Thanks for this. I’ll just leave this thread.

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But it does exist. I was around 1900/2kmmr when I get worried in with a 27k hunter that didn’t even try.
The mmr is pretty much fubarred ATM and has been since rated ss released.
Most games that I played, a very low amount on my healer when it released almost always had some super under geared toon.
Definitely glad they are putting a Ilvl requirement in come DF release. It’s prepatch and everything is messed up but that’s the fun part ATM lol.

Bored while waiting on my uncle to land. Figured I would stop by lol. Hey BRI

So just go 4 and 2 by taking advantage of a dps trying to 1 shot your hunter

Couldn’t save him at all. Wouldn’t even press turtle.

Got so tilted I pretty much quit healing during prepatch until I tried my evoker the other day for the first time. So much fun.

If you’re going into a “solo q” situation expecting every detail to be absolutely perfect, you’ll never be satisfied.

Oh I realize prepatch is sorry buggy. Got tilted for no reason really so that’s why I quit messing with it and leveled like 8 toons super quick.
Just waiting on release then maybe I’ll have a reason to get actually tilted since it won’t be prepared anymore. Just actual bugs that sit for a season or 4 lol

I’m sure you’ll be on the forums complaining about another reason why you can’t win next xpac <3

Naw, but thanks for the concern BRI. Maybe your can be my tank in a rss so I can throw a few rounds on purpose

anytime OKAY, and god I wish you would :3

Come on now, it’s cub. I’ll definitely throw rounds with tanks lol. Since I won’t leave anymore

Sup cub! How you been =)?

Bored waiting on my uncle to land since he wanted to come stay with me this week.
Hate hosting lol