Solo Current Expansion Raids


I have a Blood DK and was trying to solo raids in Dragonflight, I know, raid’s aren’t supposed to be soloed, but I always did that. In Legion, I was able to solo all the emerald nightmare bosses (except Xavius), Helya, Gul’dan and Elereth Renferal in Heroic mode. But in dragonflight, I can’t enter the raid solo, or even in a group with only me in it, like I did in legion.

I really want to solo Vault of Incarnates but can’t get pass the door because of that game limitation, am I doing something wrong? Or did this thing I used to do in Legion got “fixed”. Also, why prevent players to enter a raid solo?

Its quite possible the dev have it setso its not possible to solo the raid I could be wrong but thats also something that cant be answered on the why. As for a possible solution could be a corrupted UI thats causing it id do a full UI reset to rule it out.

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