Solid shaman looking for a raiding core

Hi ! Ive been looking for a solid core team to progress Castle Nathria 2 days per week between 7 pm - 11pm EST. I have rerolled my shaman lately because îm getting bored playing my main Trawn-Zul’jin , i have been playing warrior and shaman for almost 10 years and completed alot of solid content in the past. I have made my choice and im going 100% shaman for Shadowland as elemental or enhancement , depending on what you guys are looking for , im playing all specialization pretty good ( mostly dps , but good as resto ) at the moment im 7/10 H from first week before nerf but i left my raid team because they didnt want me to reroll the class i wanted to play … wich is normal because we had already 3 shamans. If you guys are looking for a solid player to complete your raiding team / mythic + hit me up Crixus#1532.

The Førsaken is seeking new members of all skill levels who are wanting to raid or get into raiding. We also do other PvE content such as Mythic +

Current Needs

  • Ranged DPS -> preferred: Mage and Warlock and Hunter
  • Healer -> preferred: Druid and Paladin and Shaman
  • Willingness to learn fights and be in voice chat

About Us
We aim to keep our numbers small and manageable. Everyone is important and adding more “bodies” is a good way to be alienated. All members are included.

Our play times are later in the evening and well into the night for some players. We get the job done, while playing a game we all love and enjoy. We are by no means, “Hardcore,” but we do want to see content. Raising new players to our level of play or beyond is something we love to do. New players are very much welcomed here.

Raid Schedule

  • Friday 8:30PM - 11:30PM (PST)
  • Saturday 8:30PM - 11:30PM (PST)

First pull is 8:30pm PST
Experience on all kills

Contact Us
Please message anyone below for entry into the guild.

Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces joining the family in the near future! :slight_smile:

(Champion) (Battle Tag) War#1597
(Doctore) (Battlt Tag) Artissan#1204
(GM) (Battle Tag) spartan33#1384

Hi! Are you still looking for a raid team, here on Zul’jin?

Veridis 9/10H, finishing Sire progress and moving to mythic

We are a semi-hardcore guild looking to build our roster to finish AOTC and to push into mythic.

We started in Legion on a different server, recently moved to Zul’jin for a better raiding experience. We have a background in mythic experience, and we’re looking to build on that. Come trial with us 2021-01-20T01:00:00Z2021-01-20T04:00:00Z

Raid times:

Tuesday and Thursday, 8-11pm EST*

What we need:

  • Resto shaman (with dps offspec)
  • Arms warrior
  • Any ranged DPS


  • Be prepared and come on time (Feasts and flasks provided)
  • Understand and execute mechanics well
  • DBM/BigWigs and a working knowledge on how to read logs
  • Able to communicate absences/running late in a timely manner with the team via discord
  • No toxic behaviors (only concerned with parse, raging, unnecessary or rude call outs, expecting to be carried, etc.)
  • 18+

Contact: (Bnet / Discord)

Jumboejoe (Raid leader) - millgrom#1818 / Millgrom#8659

Velivani (Raid Officer) - Velanstus#1132 / Velivani#5518

*Casual alt raid on Fri/Sat late nights.

I am looking to finda few hard hitters and long time players …had a few changes in guild…hit me up…mayabella#1211

Hello! If you are still looking for a guild, we are a heroic AOTC guild raiding Tue/Thur 7-10 ET looking for a couple more DPS. Here is our post, feel free to hit
me up if you’d like to come along for a raid!

Hello everyone,

Innovation is raiding Tues & Wed 8:30-11:30 est This is our first tier together as group and we are progressing well through Mythic Castle Nathria but could use a few things to round out our roster going deeper into mythic progression.

Current Needs-


Healers (prefer with DPS OS):
Paladin – Low
Shaman – Low/Med
Druid – Medium
Priest – Low
Monk – Low

Ranged DPS:
Hunter – Medium
Shadow Priest –Low
Warlock – Low
Mage – High
Balance Druid - High
Elemental Shaman – Medium

Melee DPS:
Demon Hunter – Low
Warrior – Low
Rogue – Low
Death Knight – High
Shaman – Low

Classes that are high on will have priority, however skilled players will be considered as well.
We would prefer that recruits be similarly progressed as us. Come join us to keep progressing through Mythic Nathria.

You can contact me at
bnet- Waffles012#1615 or discord- Raz#4836
Bnet- Xmdoll#1717 or Discord Xmdoll#5488