Soldiers click here! Private Militia Kickstart

Do you love a Military Structure?
Please take a couple minutes to hear me out.

I’ve had several weeks to prepare an outline while my subscription has run dry. I have created ranks, units, 10 rules on which we’d operate, and a purpose. I’ll reveal the purpose on this thread and hope I will gain inquires for more thereafter.

We are a privately owned and operated Militia. Therefore we cannot use the stockades as our personal prision if someone gets out of line. We cannot own lands of our own or lay claim to any. What we can do is follow our protocol. Arrange a system designed to work to accomplish our objective.

Our objective is to annihilate “ALL” undead.
Forsaken. Scourge. Hostile or Non-Hostile.

Any corpse walking around is unnatural. We lay them to rest. The factionless are easy targets! The ones joined with the Horde or even those allied with the Alliance are slain in secret. As such if any are caught disobeying a peace treaty made by the Alliance (when one is in affect) he/she will be on their own likely placed in the Stockades for their crimes. We will deny any involvement. Any records of that member in our Militia will be terminated.

We can not afford to have any proof of treasonous acts! As such we do not support an insignia for those types of operations. Alliance funds some of our deployments if it is in their benefit and ours. Losing them as a potential customer would not be in our best interest.

If you can get behind wiping out an infinite amount of dead walkers or want a purpose simply because you need a path to follow. Send a message! Created this thread on an Alt, If I get enough support we can start enlisting soon!

Reach me at: on Discord if you wish to discuss further.

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Let’s hope this isn’t the start of another Scarlet Crusade…