[SOD][H][Chaos Bolt] <Threshold> Raiding/PvP/Casual

Who Are We?

Welcome to the heart and soul of the Horde - Threshold! We’re not just a guild; we’re a legendary fellowship forged by battle-hardened veterans and gamers who have been conquering the digital realms for over two decades. Our ranks boast Active Military and Veterans, each bringing a wealth of experience, camaraderie, and a thirst for both PvP glory and epic raiding adventures. We’re not a hardcore crew; we understand the real-life grind, juggling work, families, and the burning desire to crush our enemies in Azeroth.


Step into our realm, where the fun never stops and the laughter echoes through our Discord halls. We’re all about creating an atmosphere where you can kick back, relax, and have a few drinks on the weekend while plotting the downfall of Alliance scum. Jokes fly, camaraderie reigns supreme, but make no mistake - every member of Threshold is a respected comrade. We’re united, we’re a team, and we’re building a community that feels like home.

Our Goal in Season of Discovery

In the Season of Discovery, we’re on a mission to assemble an unstoppable force. Our sights are set on forming a core group of members ready to raid, dominate in PvP, and make a name for ourselves on the server.

How to Join

Join our Discord and become part of the adventure! Once you’ve embraced the chaos and accepted our rules, you’ll earn the prestigious title of “noob.” From there, let’s chat about your goals, aspirations, and the opportunities that await you within our guild. We can’t wait to meet you, fellow adventurers!

Discord - HCGPfqu7g6

Basic Requirements

Must have Discord (voice optional but highly encouraged)

Age 18 or older (exceptions for family members with approval)

Embrace the adult environment, where drinking and profanity are as common as trash loot drops

Try to Keep trolling to a minimum

BFD 7/7, clearing on reset.

Looking for more to start our 2nd raid group!

Looking for more to give this loot to!

Still recruiting for all roles!

Pft, just add another healer and I’ll be happy. Too many shadow priests :joy:

6/6 Gnomer! Recruiting all for 2nd raid group! Especially healers!

Still recruiting all roles!

Check out our raid progression stats on Warcraft Logs by searching for Threshold (Chaos Bolt)

Still looking to add to our ranks. Don’t miss out on 20-man content in phase 3!