[SoD] Resto Druid Sunken Temple set 3-piece not proccing from Efflorescence

Consecrate tick criticals can trigger effects that proc on crits, as per a recent fix. But at the same time, Resto Druid’s 3-piece bonus for the Exiled Prophet set, does NOT proc from critical Efflorescence ticks. Why? Is it bugged, or does the 3-piece set only proc from direct heals?

The wording on the bonus is “Your healing spell critical strikes”, which would imply ANY critical strike from ANY healing spell, which would include Efflorescence. But critical strikes from Efflorescence do not trigger this effect.


It also does not proc of lifebloom final heal crits. Darkmoon card: Overgrowth also doesnt work with any hots. I keep getting these cool items that look like they will do cool things on my resto druid, and they do nothing while wasting my gold and wasting tokens from my guilds run.

I went through my logs for ST tonight, if i had worn 3pc (i didnt have it yet), it would have proced 4 times in the entire raid, trash included. Regrowth is unfathomably bad, so the only spells to proc off is nourish, swiftmend, and NS healing touches. Very pointless set bonus, and very disappointing.

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Can confirm, does not work with ANY healing spell.

I’m not sure what gear you guys have, and what you’re “healing” but in my raid it should have procc’d over 850 times and it has never been on my character once.

Casts: 24,500~
Crit chance 8%
1960 crits ~
I’m not sure if the dev’s can do the math, but 50% of 1960 is 980.
Assuming you miss a bunch of coin flips, 850 should be reasonable.

However, 0 dreamstate buffs from 850 successfull rolls is NOT reasonable.

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It works with all direct healing spells so efflorescence and lifebloom crit won’t work. Otherwise it works.