[SOD] Power Surge Rune

There is an interaction I would like to be updated, lets be honest here Resto Shaman didn’t get a specific belt rune so they can fit in 2H mastery into the chest slot and stay within the 19 rune limit for Phase 2 so Chain Heal was bumped into this Rune. While I do play a healer I like to contribute not only with healing but slip in some dps when I can so this rune I actually welcome.

With that said, Power Surge was given MP Regen plus Chain Heal applies to it and there an interaction with it I would like updated.

Issue: When Power Surge procs while casting Lava Burst, Chain Heal or Chain Lightning the proc is consumed.

Fights like the Electrocutioner, while incredibly fun please dont nerf it, have me using every single GCD and fitting in Flame Shock needs to feel better than it does because of how the proc works. I use chain heal often in that fight but the proc will just get eaten up and it does not feel good, Chain Heal does not have a CD so the initial step of Power Surge doesnt apply to it. Please update the passive so it does not get consumed when its proc’d while casting, retain the proc to have a second instant Chain Heal.


Can confirm, consuming the proc when it ticks on mid cast feels terrible. When this happens in retail shaman you have FREE + Usable + doesn’t consume on current cast mechanic. Something is misbehaving in this and feels terrible.

Even tracking the proc on TellMeWhen, watching it proc mid cast I feel like I have to stutter/step to break then use instant or it’s just a wasted rune. The only time it feels good is on first flameshock tick or not casting one of the actual spells that consumes the proc.

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It’s obviously lava surge, even in cata when it was introduced it didn’t consume when procced mid cast, and you got to even throw two at the same time when it happened by spell queueing it. There was an obvious lack of understanding on the sod devs when they ported it over

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Power Surge should no longer consume the procs while casting Lava Burst, Chain Heal, or Chain Lightning.

Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue.


Thank you for the fix.
The hotfix notes do say Lightning bolt instead of chain heal FYI. Someone might be confused.

Any chance this can get a follow up fix on the mana regen part of Power Surge? It’s giving an incorrect amount of mp5.

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Power Surge Rune’s Proc is still being consumed by a cast of Lava Burst. Think this needs to be looked at again.