SoD Mage Boosting in SoD

I just want to make sure of something because of stuff that i’ve been hearing. That i know of as long as you aren’t apart of a community of boosting and you are just yourself offering and doing boost that it’s not against ToS and won’t get banned for it. Has something changed that i don’t know about to where we are not able to boost anymore and that is something we can get banned for. I just to make sure before anything might happen

Id be more leary of where the gold is coming more then anything else youndont know where there getting tue gold from.


The advertising article covers it all pretty well.


What you are likely referring to is this post:

I would give that a very in-depth read.

More importantly, if you are the recipient of illicit gold (knowingly or not) you could face account actions as a result. Personally, unless I was doing this with someone I know personally (a friend, family member or perhaps a long-time guild member…though I wouldn’t with them either myself), I would NOT accept gold from a stranger for a boost of any kind.


the gdkp section doesn’t cover the mage boosting and the other one covers is for retail not for classic

ONLY advertise your service in SoD’s Trade channel. If you advertise in any other channel (General, Local Defense, LFG) or /say, /yell, etc., you will be reported and you will be sanctioned.

There was another person recently who found themself suspended because they were trying to sell rare kills, but they were hitting multiple channels (all the wrong ones), and that’s what got them. Not the service they were offering, but how they advertised it. It’s a fairly short thread, but lots of information in it.


this is only around gdkps and nothing to do with boosting is the only thing

Again, I would run for the hills before taking gold from a stranger in SOD. If it can’t be placed in the AH, personally, I wouldn’t count on it being clean gold.

I get that you want a black and white answer (or perhaps a blue), but at the end of the day, there is so much dirty gold that seems to be filtered through players saying that what they’re doing is “innocent”, that Blizzard doesn’t seem to be buying those “stories”.

Can you do it? Sure you can. If you receive illicit gold for it you can also have your account actioned. The choice is up to you as to whether or not you’re willing to chance your account in that way.

I’d avoid it. 110% of the time.


if i’m getting tips for enchants it might not be clean gold but at the sametime somone can buy something off the ah and it’s bought gold also

None of which changes my answer. You are playing with literal fire if you accept gold for boosts.

And no, Blizzard is not likely to accept the answer “But I swear I didn’t know it was dirty gold from that level 1 character!!!”

You’re not going to get the answer you’re hoping for here, unfortunately.


Not trolling. We see it much too often here. A “deal” is made and the gold if passed through one or more level one characters.

You didn’t specify either way “who” was trading you gold. All I’ve done is provided some words of wisdom based on the fact that you’re referring to SOD, trading gold with strangers for ‘services’ and the fact that it is extremely dangerous to do so.

I get that you don’t like the answers I’m giving you, but you’re not too likely to get anything more specific from Blizzard.


No, but a lot of the time folks may have a level 1 bank alt that they’ll try and pay with and then run with whatever toon they’re looking to boost. That is where the level 1s come into play. And there’ve been so many folks suspended and banned over the past several months because of blindly trading gold with anyone and everyone - Perl’s not trolling. They’re pretty spot on with all the warnings that everyone here are trying to share with you.


You can either accept the warnings or not. If someone else gives you illicit gold during these transactions, you WILL be actioned for it. Blizzard has stopped caring if the people receiving stolen gold knew about it or not. Any gold received as a part of an unsupported activity is heavily scrutinized, and they follow the paper trails of stolen/sold gold and action everyone. “I didn’t know it was stolen” is not an excuse. These types of transactions are the WOW equivalent of buying a TV from a guy with a van full of them in the alley.

If you choose to take part in these activities, don’t come here complaining when you get banned for it. Everyone here did their part in warning you of the potential consequences.


I guess that would depend on what point you were going for. You seem to not like the point of your own question and the answers given.

Sorry you didn’t hear what you wanted to hear, but that’s definitely not the point of the forums.

Good luck with your “boosting” and any outcomes that happen as the result of them.


There’s an awful lot of rationalization going on here. Which tells me you’re going to do whatever it is you want to do, because you want to do it. Nobody here is going to tell you you won’t get punished for it; they’ve earned you that you very likely will get punished for it.

I look forward to your inevitable return when you complain about exactly that happening.


This forum is a sort of information desk, where you can get information from other players (with SFA input sometimes) about policies and other questions. You asked, and were given advice BEFORE anything bad happens to your account. You can either take the advice or disregard it, either way this is the purpose of this forum.


What’s truly pointless is coming to the forums asking for advice, then ignoring it.


I weep for the future of our species.


at this point i’d rather a mod just delete this it’s turned into nothing but rubish

Still not happy with our replies huh. Sorry, but we tend to go off of previous posts by Blizz employees and our actual experiences here in the CS forum. My post count was WAY higher in previous iterations of the forums than this one. This post count isn’t even close to my older ones.

Not liking our answers doesn’t make them wrong.

They’re more likely to confirm that what we’ve told you is correct than to delete it for you.