[SOD] Maelstrom Weapon Resets Weapon Swing Timer

Whenever I consume 5 stacks of maelstrom on my enhancement shaman, my weapon swing timer is reset. This is a big DPS loss. Hope it can be addressed soon, thank you.

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What are you using to consume the stacks of Maelstrom weapon?

When at 5 stacks I’m not getting a swing timer reset when using Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Chain Heal, or Lava Burst. Using 2handers or dual wield I’m having my swings be uninterrupted.

If I use less than 4 stacks my attack timer resets, but only then. Going to need more info.

Seems fixed now for 5 stacks. Not sure about 4 or less though

It won’t be fixed for 4 or less stacks unfortunately.
The way it works in wotlk is if you cast with less than 5 stacks you have to complete the cast before your swing would go off. If your swing would go off during the cast - it resets it.
Not something easy to port over.

So what’s the most optimum way of consuming 3-4 stacks? Only consume 3-4 stacks right after a melee swing?

Yeah seems like it, it’ll reset your swing timer though in SoD if you use less than 5 stacks, so may just be better to wait for 5? I’m not a Shaman expert though on throughput