SoD | Lone Wolf | Alliance | <Faith Plus One> Recruiting For Second Phase 2 Raid Team

Faith Plus One is a relaxed guild aimed at clearing SoD raids every lockout. We are a mix of current and formers retail and classic WoW players, some of which are multiple CE players. We are not focused on parsing, however, the more prepared and knowledgeable our players are, the easier and more fun the raid is for everyone.

We have ran a core team of 10 players throughout BFD and into Phase 2. With confirmation of the Phase 3 raid being 20 players, we are looking to recruit another group of 10 players to organize a second Gnomergan raid team for the remainder of Phase 2 and eventually merge together in Phase 3.

We would consider merging with another guild, making it easier for recruiting for both of us.

We are currently recruiting:

2 tanks (1 MT and 1 OT/dps)
2 healers
2 melee dps
3 ranges dps

Current Raid Times:
Wednesday @8:00 PM EST
Saturday @1:30 PM EST
NOTE: We are currently in the process of switching raid days to Wednesday/Sunday or Thursday/Sunday at 8:00PM. Days have not yet been decided.

If interested, please reply below or message “Sax” in game, or add me on any of the below platforms.

Battle Tag: Saxonite#11460
Discord: Sax_13