[SoD] [H] [Lone Wolf US] <The Cabin> seeking raiders, form at 8:30 PST

The Cabin is looking for a couple more raiders to join our main roster. We’re filling 2-3 raid groups per lockout starting at 8:30 PST / 9:30 ST. Raid days differ depending on resets. Most of us are west coast based.


  • chill / relaxed
  • tight knit and dedicated to the squad
  • older, mostly Dads
  • in favor of good attitude over gear/experience although we do expect bringing your best to the guild
  • ~ 60 members


  • chill / relaxed
  • willing to progress with us as we push content
  • willing to learn and improve if you lack experience
  • wanting to have fun and have a positive, friendly attitude

We have a tabard and discord. Currently distributing loot via 2SR. MS>OS for pugs. The Cabin is a cozy refuge where we hang our hats at the end of the day. If you want a seat at the campfire, please feel free to reach out!

Bump! Prioritizing feral druids, warlocks, mages, healers

Maybe not what you’re looking for, but still looking for players? I just about hit Lv40 on Wild Growth, but my availability suddenly changed (wife’s work schedule flipped, so I need to take care of the house/doggos in the afternoons), so now I’m looking for a group with later raid times. Being on a diff server, I’d have to level up fresh, so not sure if that’s something you’re currently looking for.

I’m happy to play just about any role/class (except tank, I’ve only ever raided as DPS or healer), so I’m willing to start up any class that can fill a void.

I’m also on the west coast. Let me know if this is something you guys are looking for. And for pure transparency, I didn’t play SoD P1, so I don’t have experience with BFD, but I’ve been raiding on and off since 2001 in FFXI, WoW (retail from WotlK forward), and FFXIV.

Hey Sloan!

Sorry I didn’t see your reply until now. I’m not sure if you rerolled or not but we’re always recruiting likeminded players so if you’re still looking for a new home/server, we’d love to have you. Feel free to add me to Bnet moordzieK#1208.

I am currently leveling a Druid. I am fairly new to WoW classic and never been in a guild in classic. I have experience doing some raiding in retail. Would love to join the guild, I am looking to learn and have some fun. :slight_smile:

Sorry, just saw your response, not sure if you are still looking for people. No, I wasn’t able to find a new guild, so I haven’t re-rolled yet, but was still considering doing so. I added you on bnet so we can chat further, I’m Jazrian on bnet.

Interested, enhance shaman with warrior alt looking for a cool group to raid with, older dad as well.