[SoD] Goblin Transponder deleted. Unable to restore

I deleted my Goblin Transponder and I am unable to recover it through the Item Restoration page. There is no option on Scooty to get a new one like there is in classic era and this is needed for horde to teleport to the new Gnomergan Raid. I’ve already made a ticket and was told by a GM to reset my UI which did not work (for me at least) and if that did not work to post here about it which is why this post. (Reposting from retail bug forum)


Same problem. Waiting for a ticket response at present.

Already sent a ticket in and the GM told me they couldn’t restore the item but they had developers working on a fix. Apparently, someone was able to get the item back through a ticket (See: https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/1ao7ufz/psa_do_not_delete_your_goblin_transponder/). I still have my ticket open but haven’t gotten the item back yet since they are pretty slow to respond. Let me know if you have any luck.

UPDATE: You can get the transponder back from Rix Xizzik. Thanks Heartamis, for relaying this info.

If you’re missing the Goblin Transponder, you should now be able to speak with Rix Xizzik, our fellow ‘Lost and Found’ helper in Booty Bay, to get it back. Note: you have to complete all of the quests associated and have had acquired it initially in order to see it on the vendor.

Hope that helps!


I play alliance, where is my transponder?

This is only needed on the horde side since Gnomergan is located in alliance territory. Alliance should be able to get there from Ironforge.