SoD - Battle of Ashenvale no rep reward for winning

We ran battle for ashenvale as 4 raid groups on horde and we won. Many people did not receive the 500 bonus rep in our raid and other did receive it. We have no idea what this happened. People were dying just before the end. Hard to figure out really.


Same thing just happened on Ally side.

My assumption is whichever raid tags the boss, gets the rep. We had 3 raid groups and our group didn’t tag the boss I guess.

Sucks, and what’s even worse is there were 10+ blizzards and 10+ rain of fires being spammed so it’s just a crap shoot on who’s going to get the rewards.

Hopefully this gets fine-tuned before phase 2

I didn’t get any rep our last kill, neither did many others. We were the only raid there and I tagged the boss. I did get rep at another time being by myself and tagging. This event’s implementation is just terrible.

yeah this rep needs to be shared between all raid groups not just the first one to the tag, I’m not even going to get rep items at this rate at all its difficult enough doing BGS with little to no toolkit

It’s not even just which raid group tags it. Today my friend was in the same raid as me, he got rep and I didn’t. We currently have an assumption it may be the first x amount of players that hit the boss, because he tagged the boss early then starting healing the raid, I hit the boss late but pumped a decent amount of dps into him.

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thats even worse than raid tag, its a top damage check which locks out anyone who hasn’t got the raid gear