SoD [A] [Wild Growth] <The Unyielding> LFM for Gnomer and Phase 3 M/W 6:30pm ST - 8:30pm ST

Guild Name: The Unyielding
Guild Atmosphere: Laid Back Raiders that clear content
Roles Recruiting: All Roles

Guild Information
We are a group of people that have played together for awhile. We have roughly seven strong and are looking for players to fill our ranks for Gnomergan and to prepare for Phase 3 20 mans.

Our mentality
Do mechanics, master your class and kill bosses. Once we clear content, we typically use WB/dps consumes to increase the speed of the run but not as a reliance to clear content. Does matter if we wipe and lose them, bosses are still dying.

Raid Times
Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm-8:30pm ST. We also tend to do Ad hoc raids depending on lock outs if enough players are interested.

If you had a similar mindset and have an interested and Raiding give a player in the guild a pst!