SoD [A] Penance-AU - <Stay Classy> LF Active players | 6/6 Gnomer

Faction: Alliance
Server: Penance-AU - PvE
Loot Rules: MS>OS +1
Progression: 7/7 BFD, 6/6 Gnomer.
Schedule: 7/8PM ST no set day yet with 3 day locksouts, raid signs up in discord.

About Us: We are a small guild, some of us have been playing together since vanilla, and the rest met in SoD. All very chill and willing to help each other out. Most mid 30s+. Currently looking to expand our roster in preparation for 20m in future phases. We run main and alt raids, but not required.

Requirements: Discord

Looking For: Looking for players who are active and chill, come to raid prepared and enjoy all forms of content.

Recruitment needs: All class’s welcome.

1 x Any Healer
1x Feral Druid(DPS or Tank)

PM Barkz, Eluvia, Bolaxe, Hooksy, Talina, Rook & Yeahgood in game.